Who Killed Rosie Larson

In my humble opinion:  To all the fans of The Killing on AMC…all 265 of you.  Isn’t the clear cut front runner for who killed Rosie Larson, Jamie Wright the campaign manager?  They never questioned him as a suspect, then again the way Holder and Linden have been handling the case it doesn’t really surprise me.  Don’t get me wrong, I love their characters…especially Holder, but if they were ever to investigate a murder of one of my family members I think I would definitely be complaining to the Chief of Police or someone in power.  But Jamie obviously has some anger management issues…the way he went off on the Mayor’s aid at the gym and the way he yelled at the volunteers to get those flyers out.  I just think of all the possibilities out there, he seems to be the most logical.

6 Comments on “Who Killed Rosie Larson”

  1. ElDiablotheSpanishChicken says:

    I feel like the millionaire guy from season 1 is involved, and he, in congress with the Polish mob, planted the bones to screw up the mayors waterfront deal. And in conjunction with the indian tribe is trying to get his stadium built. Jamie was clearly involved, having stolen Gwen’s keycard, and helped milliionaire dude kill Rosie. Then they dumped her in the lake in Jamie’s car, cause stadium dude was probably driving a Bentley or something and didn’t want to trash it.

  2. Angie says:

    I think it was Ms. Scarlett in the Library with the Candlestick.

  3. jeanne fitzpatrick says:

    I agree its Jamie have thought so myself for a long while, and still no matter how far fetched it seems think he was at the Casino, somehow got involved in getting Rosie out of there after they found out she was on the balcony and may have overheard stuff. I don’t think they would kill someone over something they may have heard. I think it was revealed by Rosie , that she is Richmond’s daughter and I think this made Jamie snap and he killed her as a result knowing that if it got out that Richmond had an illegitimate child it would ruin his career, or at least that would be what Jamie would be afraid of happening. so we’ll see next week. Just my two cents worth. Thanks! Jeanne

  4. Richmond’s daughter huh? Didn’t think about that. But then Mitch would know right? And there was that episode where she visited Rosie’s real father while she was “finding herself” But yeah, Jamie has a temper…be interested to find out who it is.

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