Nerds Cereal…..Bring It Back

In my humble opinion:  They need to bring back Nerds Cereal.  I had an idea for a new cereal and after googling it, it was confirmed that it was attempted at least once before already.  Nerds Cereal came out in the 80’s and featured a split box of two different flavored cereals…obviously it didn’t take or catch on as well as the candy has.  But why not bring it back, a few little tweaks and you’d have yourself a helluva product.  Basically…it would be Trix.  Just model the Nerds Cereal box after the big candy boxes you can get from Wal-Mart or the Movie Theatre… know the big Rainbow box with all sorts of different flavors inside.  Turn that into a cereal box and there you go….Nerds Cereal has made its comeback.  Well Mr. Wonka….here’s to hoping.

2 Comments on “Nerds Cereal…..Bring It Back”

  1. ElDiablotheSpanishChicken says:

    I see your Nerds cereal and raise you Mr. T cereal…which was really tasty quick frankll.

  2. Sean says:

    HaHa….I keep having flashes of Pee Wee Herman with his Mr. T. Cereal…”I pity do fool that don’t eat my cereal”

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