The Killing Season Finale

5 Comments on “The Killing Season Finale”

  1. ElDiablotheSpanishChicken says:

    So, here’s why Linden did it.
    1) We don’t know where she was the night Rosie was killed, the first episode starts after.
    2) She tried to run some okey doke on Holder when he started, under the pretense that she didn’t trust him. In reality, she was stalling until the trail was cold.
    3) She’s coo-coo bonkers.
    4) She could physically handle the murder, the running, placing Rosie in the trunk and the beating she got could have come from Police training…she was transferring out to Cali after all.
    5) As a Cop, she’d have the skill to steal the campaign car without being noticed.
    6) She’s constantly leading the investigation toward other people and away from herself (convenient, no?)
    7) Cause it’s the only payoff AMC could come with that won’t have people belly-aching the next morning.
    8) She hides the signs of struggle under those giant turtle necks. Is it that cold in Seattle?
    9) She’s clearly pissed that the Sonics relocated to OKC and now they’re in the finals.
    10) Kurt Cobain was her childhood hero.
    11) Stan onced helped a DGC exec. move and Sarah blames him for the downfall of grunge after playing a backstreet boys demo in the moving van and having David Geffen exclaim – damn! that’s the next big thing!
    12) That gum she was chewing was for crack, not cigarettes.
    13) She’s Chief Jackson’s bottom bitch.

    The prosecution rests boys and girls.

    Add to that, that Linden IS the kid from her other case. She was relating a memory, not another investigation. Her Mom was murdered, her Dad was locked up so she became an orphan and drew that picture of the trees for Regi. But she doesn’t believe her Dad did it, so she obsessed with catching the “real killer”, who is also Rosie’s killer, who is her. The End.

    And just to clarify, these ain’t spoilers, all of this was born in the fertile womb of my own mind.

  2. Jamie is too obvious, Gwen had time constraints (not knowing when Richmond would come back) Chief Jackson never doesn anything, she orders people to do it, Ames wouldn’t get his hands that dirty, Holder…its just not him, Mayor Adams why would he need to? Linden is the one I’m telling ya…….

  3. jack says:

    ya, agree, Jamie is too Obvious, it coul be Richmond, (paying off the fisherman.. but my guess is Lindons’ Shrink, Jack Feels something about him not right, the sonoma butterfly connection, hes playing a game with Lindon, to test her, he’s pshcho and could give a shit if he’s caught. the game

  4. Sean says:

    Actually….i’ll see your theory and raise you this. Maybe he killed Rosie and really wanted Linden to marry him and move so he wouldn’t get caught. The only reason he came back and got her out of the psycho unit is because he knew the clues were leading to someone other tham himself and Linden is nutso enough to keep following them.

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