The Expendables 2 – Actually has 80’s action stars this time around

In my humble opinion:  I remember watching The Expendables when it came out…it was alright.  The main beef I had to pick with it was that it was being marketed as bringing all the 80’s muscle man heroes into one film.  I will admit, there were a good number in the film but….only for about 2 minutes.  I mean the scene with Stallone, Willis and Ah-nald in the church was  cool, but come on…we wanted to see the boys in action not in cameo roles.  At least with the second one we have them all getting their hands dirty.  Stallone, Arnold, Willis, Lundgren, Van-Damme…and Norris even shows up (props to him for being in his 70’s) although I would have liked to see Carl Weathers, Jesse Ventura, Michael Dudikoff, and Mr. T in there somehow.  And of course, with the guys that are in it, I just hope they aren’t too old and brittle to make the action look cartoonish.  I mean in the preview Arnold says, “I’m back”….but are you really Arnold?  Here’s to hoping that he (or any of them for that matter) aren’t in a Cialis commercial by the time the movie comes out.

The Expendables 2

Expendables 2 / Grumpy Old Men

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