The Killing….Dead in the Water









In my humble opinion:  AMC may have made a mistake by cancelling The Killing.  I understand that the fans were upset with how Season 1 ended and the ratings suffered in Season 2, but doesn’t that in itself show how passionate people were about the show; that they would react so emotionally about it.  I’ll admit, I thought the second Season was a little slow, but there were still some solid moments, not to mention performances, e.g. Joel Kinnaman as Stephen Holder.  Hopefully, from what I’ve read the show will find a home on another network, I mean it happened with Southland and Medium?  Another thing, if AMC is going strictly by the numbers, then how did Hell on Wheels get renewed?  I mean Hell on Wheels premiered with 4.36 million in viewers, falling to 2.84 million by the first Season’s end.  The Killing started Season 2 with 1.80 million in viewers, dropped as low as 1.31 million, but then climbed back up to an average of 1.64 million for the last two episodes.  In all fairness I have not seen an episode of Hell on Wheels.  Hopefully Joel Kinnaman will make good on his word about just filming another Season of The Killing on his own if a third Season didn’t get picked up.  Hey Joel, need a writer, I’m available????

Kristen Stewart Apologizes to Robert Pattinson. So I Guess It’s All Better?

In My Humble Opinion:  If the tables were turned and Robert Pattinson had cheated on Kristen Stewart, I doubt anyone would even know about his apology, nobody would give a sh*t.  If Robert had been the one cheating and not Kristen all the media would focus on is the fact that he cheated, not whether he was sorry or not.  However, since Kristen Stewart was the one that cheated, as soon as the story broke all I’ve heard about is how sorry she is, and the media posting her apology here and there…and everywhere. 

See her apology…if you’re interested: Kristen Stewart’s Apology

Katie Holmes left Tom Cruise…Because of Aaron Eckhart and Batman.











In my humble opinion: Katie Holmes left Tom Cruise, not because of scientology, but because Tom Cruise is an egotistical, controlling maniac and Katie had to get the hell out.  Wanna hear why I think this…follow me on this ride if you will please.  Katie Holmes starred in the original Batman Begins as Rachael Dawes.  After appearing in that film she went on to star alongside Aaron Eckhart in Thank You For Smoking.  Think back and you might remember that there was this big to do about her having a sex scene with Aaron Eckhart.  Tom Cruise apparently even showed up to on set the day the scene was filmed to “monitor” the situation…I also heard that he had so many issues with the scene that it was scaled back before the movie was released.  Katie Holmes would later go on to say that she couldn’t do the sequel for Batman, The Dark Knight and opted instead to star in Mad Money.  Now I ask you, once Tom Cruise found out that Aaron Eckhart had been cast as Harvey Dent in The Dark Knight do you think there was any pressure put on Katie by her controlling husband to drop out of the franchise?  The answer: Of course there was.  Tom Cruise couldn’t handle seeing his wife being intimate (even if it was just acting) with another man…Tom’s ego was writing checks his body couldn’t cash when he married Katie Holmes.  Whether there is evidence to back this theory up is another story because like I said, this is just my humble opinion.

Two New Man of Steel Teasers Released

In my humble opinion:  Who else was thinking in the first teaser, “On this season of Deadliest Catch…Superman kicks some ass?”  Kidding aside, I thought the teaser was great, the music was beautiful and Kevin Costner’s voiceover was spot on.  I especially like the part that shows the Man of Steel’s younger years when he is running around with a cape, possibly with dreams of growing up to be a superhero.  How great would that be to have those dreams as a kid only to one day realize them as an adult?

The second teaser uses all of the same images but Russell Crowe does the voiceover and while he does well, I still prefer the Kevin Costner one myself.  But like the title of my blog, its my humble opinion, let me know what you think.


What’s the Best 80’s Action Movie

In my humble opinion: These are the action movies that spring to mind, if I left one off you feel warrants attention please leave a comment.

The Dark Knight Rises….Plot Revealed (SPOILERS ALERT)

In My Humble Opinion:  I haven’t seen the movie yet, but judging from what I’ve read below…it doesn’t sound like it will live up to what I was hoping for.  Personally, I was hoping that Bane would be “the man” but the movie seems to go with the female villain angle….boring !!!  And I knew Joseph Gordon Levitt was going to be Robin, I just knew it:

  Eight years after the events of The Dark Knight, Gotham City is in a state of peace. Under powers granted by the Dent Act, Commissioner Jim Gordon has nearly eradicated violent and organized crime. However, he still feels guilty about the cover-up of Harvey Dent‘s crimes. At a function celebrating Dent, he plans to admit to the conspiracy, but decides that the city is not ready to hear the truth. While following a lead in the abduction of a senator from the function, Gordon’s speech falls into the hands of terrorist leader Bane. Gordon is shot in the process, and he promotes patrol officer John Blake to detective, allowing Blake to report directly to him.

As Batman has disappeared from Gotham City, so too has Bruce Wayne, locking himself inside Wayne Manor. Wayne Enterprises is crumbling after he invested in a clean energy project designed to harness fusion power, but shut the project down after learning that the core could be modified to become a nuclear weapon. Bruce suspects that his business rival, John Daggett, has employed Bane to aid in an aggressive take-over of the company. When he attempts to intervene in an attack on the city’s stock exchange, Bruce comes into conflict with Alfred Pennyworth over his plans to return to the streets of the city as Batman. Alfred finally admits that Rachel Dawes chose to marry Dent, and leaves Bruce’s service in an attempt to convince him that he can no longer be Batman.

Following a trail left by cat burglar Selina Kyle, Batman confronts Bane, who says that he assumed the leadership of the League of Shadows following the death of Ra’s al Ghul. Bane kills Daggett and reveals that he was using Daggett’s construction firms to stage a heist on Wayne Enterprises’ Applied Science Division. He steals Bruce’s arsenal before crippling Batman and detaining him in a prison from which escape is virtually impossible. The other inmates relate the story of the only person to ever successfully escape from the prison, a child driven by necessity and the sheer force of will.

Bane lures the Gotham police department underground and sets off a chain of explosions across the city, trapping the officers underground and turning Gotham City into an isolated city-state. Any attempt to leave the city will result in the detonation of the Wayne Enterprises fusion core, which has been converted into a bomb. Addressing the citizens, Bane reveals the cover-up of Dent’s death, and releases the prisoners locked up under the Dent Act. The rich and powerful are dragged from their homes and put before a show trial presided over by Jonathan Crane, where they are given the choice between death or exile, and the city further regresses into a state of anarchy. After an attempt to sneak Special Forces soldiers into the city disguised as aid workers ends with the soldiers hung from a bridge for the world to see, the government blockades Gotham.

Meanwhile, Bruce retrains himself to be Batman and successfully escapes Bane’s prison to return to Gotham. He enlists Selina, Blake, and Lucius Fox‘s help in liberating the people of the city and stopping the fusion bomb. Batman confronts Bane, but Miranda Tate intervenes as she reveals herself to be Talia al Ghul. It was she, not Bane, who escaped the prison as a child, and Bane was permanently scarred as he tried to help her. Gordon successfully cuts off the bomb’s ability to be remotely detonated and Selina kills Bane, allowing Batman to chase Talia. He tries to force her to take the bomb to the fusion chamber, where it can be stabilized, but she remotely floods the chamber. Batman shoots her truck off the road and she dies in the resulting crash, confident that the bomb cannot be stopped. Using a helicopter developed by Fox, Batman hauls the bomb beyond the city limits, where it detonates over the ocean.

In the aftermath of the explosion, the world believes Batman to be dead and Bruce to have been one of the casualties of the riot. As his estate is divided up, Alfred witnesses Bruce and Selina together alive in a cafe in Italy, while Blake inherits the Batcave.

Can the Incredible Hulk get some love???????

In My Humble Opinion: Marvel better hurry up and take advantage of the new-found love everyone seems to have for the Incredible Hulk.  I know they’ve greenlit a new movie with the Hulk and Ruffalo has signed a 6 movie deal, but frankly, it’s not coming soon enough.  I understand the box office numbers for Captain America and Thor may prove that they are safer bets when it comes to creating a franchise (see news for sequels below).  However, with the new Avengers movie that just came out….who didn’t leave the theatre saying, “Well, the Hulk was the best part.”  Robert Downey Jr.’s Tony Stark / Iron Man was a close second but Mark Ruffalo has brought a new spin to the character Bruce Banner / Hulk.  He doesn’t play it with the intensity and cold stare that Eric Bana and Edward Norton did (though Norton did try to bring some humor to the role).  Instead he plays it with a bumbling, buffoonish attitude that, if portrayed by a less capable actor may not have worked, but Ruffalo pulls it off.  With Captain America, Iron Man, and Thor getting sequels of their own and talk of a stand alone Ant Man movie…I’m hoping that Marvel takes advantage of the momentum that Hulk has seemed to build.  If it doesn’t, I might get angry…and you won’t like me when I’m angry.