Robocop Remake

In my humble opinion: I’m hoping that whoever is handling the remake will find some way to have Joel Kinnaman’s face be more evident than Peter Weller’s was in the original, but going by the footage I’ve seen (see below) it doesn’t look like it will turn out that way.  I say I want to see Joel Kinnaman’s face, not because I’m into men…no no no, but because I think Joel Kinnaman is a great actor and would hate to see his career stifled in any way because he was stuck behind a metal mask the entire movie.  I was kind of hoping that the studio would go with a Terminator-esque motif, where Robocop was human looking but actually a robot on the inside….that way he could interact with civilians easier, wouldn’t scare the shit out of kids, etc.   But that’s just my opinion.

Robocop Remake


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