House of Lies…Don Cheadle at His Best

In my humble opinion:  House of Lies is a brave new show that challenges the stereotype of what the dynamic should be on a cable television program.  Of course, if you’ve seen the show, the first thing that probably pops in your head is Don Cheadle’s sonaughter (son / daughter).  I have to say when I saw the first episode, it took me a couple of minutes to figure out whether Don Cheadle’s character had a son or a daughter.  To be clear, he has a son, that is more than in touch with his feminine side, he skirts the boundaries.  That aside, the  way the show has utilized the “pause” filming is refreshing as well.  All character’s on-screen, except for Don Cheadle’s, will freeze in time, his character will then break the 4th wall and stare directly into the camera and explain to the audience a phrase it might be unfamiliar with or his strategy for how he will offer consultation to a certain business.  Of course when he says “consult” he basically means swindle the business out of large amounts of money by making it think it needs him and his team of business management consultants.  I’ve only seen the first few episodes, and am overall impressed with where things are going.  Don Cheadle’s character is haunted by the suicide of his mother which offers another layer to the character that I’m excited to learn more about as the show goes on.  It seems as if his character is able to smooth talk everyone around him and always get what he wants, but the one person that he can’t trick into liking him is… himself.  Looking forward to finding out where it goes from here.

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