Can the Incredible Hulk get some love???????

In My Humble Opinion: Marvel better hurry up and take advantage of the new-found love everyone seems to have for the Incredible Hulk.  I know they’ve greenlit a new movie with the Hulk and Ruffalo has signed a 6 movie deal, but frankly, it’s not coming soon enough.  I understand the box office numbers for Captain America and Thor may prove that they are safer bets when it comes to creating a franchise (see news for sequels below).  However, with the new Avengers movie that just came out….who didn’t leave the theatre saying, “Well, the Hulk was the best part.”  Robert Downey Jr.’s Tony Stark / Iron Man was a close second but Mark Ruffalo has brought a new spin to the character Bruce Banner / Hulk.  He doesn’t play it with the intensity and cold stare that Eric Bana and Edward Norton did (though Norton did try to bring some humor to the role).  Instead he plays it with a bumbling, buffoonish attitude that, if portrayed by a less capable actor may not have worked, but Ruffalo pulls it off.  With Captain America, Iron Man, and Thor getting sequels of their own and talk of a stand alone Ant Man movie…I’m hoping that Marvel takes advantage of the momentum that Hulk has seemed to build.  If it doesn’t, I might get angry…and you won’t like me when I’m angry.

4 Comments on “Can the Incredible Hulk get some love???????”

  1. I think Marvel and Disney need to be careful with pushing our too many ‘avenger’ character movies. They just re-booted the spiderman franchise in a frame by frame redo after the 1st came out only 10 years ago. The Avengers and Xmen franchises prove that certain characters work well in supporting roles. Thor, capt America and, yes, hulk worked cos they were in an ensemble cast and they didnt need to fill the whole 2 hours around them. There’s just not enough that is special abt these characters that make them warrant a full length movie, nevermind a trilogy. I mean, do u see anyone screaming for an Aquaman movie?

    • I’m screaming for an Aquaman movie 🙂 I’m kidding, I see your point. Though I would love to see a Gambit movie with Josh Holloway and a Flash movie with Matt Bomer. I’m hearing that there are plans to try and do a Justice League thing like the Avengers….

  2. Completely agree Hulk stole the show, but also believe it’s because there were others to steal it from. Not sure he works quite as well solo, but you’re right that part of the appeal was his characterization and Mark Ruffalo’s portrayal. In other words, I DO think it’s possible to do the Hulk, remember part of the magic was also Whedon’s trademark wit and knowing HOW to use him. Methinks it’s easier than it looks and it would take someone with that grasp to get it right.

    • Maybe I’m just partial because Hulk has always been my favorite of The Avengers….I mean he is the most complicated character…by far. I would love to see Whedon break off and do a Hulk with Ruffalo. Ruffalo just had fun with the role I think, Norton and Bana were okay, they just seemed too torturned by the curse…Ruffalo had found a way to live with it and make it fun. And you’re right about having to steal it from someone else, it would be hard for him to headline a movie I guess. Oh well, hopefully Whedon or Shane Black (who I’m actually psyched about directing Iron Man 3) will come up with something.

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