The Walking Dead Season 3…Is The Prison Really That Great?

In my humble opinion: I know we’re all excited for season 3 to premiere on AMC this Sunday, but I find myself asking…would I really want to take refuge in a prison?  I know in the comics, that’s how it goes and it’s cool and all, but I still can’t convince myself that if I was being chased by an army of the undead I would corner myself in a place that is designed to keep things in…not necessarily out.  I’ve had conversations with a friend of mine and we’ve come to two conclusions as to where we would head.  1.  The local Sam’s Club, Costco, or Wal-Mart…whichever is closer.  If you’ve seen any of the aforementioned destinations then you can attest to the fact that they are huge concrete buildings with limited entrances and exits, not to mention a plentiful amount of supplies such as food, clothing, generators, weapons, and entertainment.  I mean just because you’re avoiding flesh-eating monsters doesn’t mean you can’t take time out for a little XBOX action right?  2.  T-Dog had a pretty damn good idea at the end of season 2…head for the coast.  I mean if you can get to the beach and find a yacht or a large enough boat, then you can just sail up and down the coast, coming ashore whenever you need supplies.  I’ve never seen a zombie swim before, so odds are you’d be pretty safe; and let’s say they can swim, you’d only really be in danger if you crossed paths with a zombie Michael Phelps.  Anyway, wherever our characters end up, I’m still hyped for the season 3 premiere, just thought I would share my opinion as to where I’d go…but then again I guess a Wal-Mart full of zombies isn’t as exciting as a prison full of zombies.


A Good Day to Die Hard…….Hopefully the Title Delivers on What It Implies.

In My Humble Opinion:  As much as I like the Die Hard franchise, I think it’s finally time to put John McClane to bed and let the character…Die Hard.  I think that when it comes to action franchises, Die Hard has done pretty well.  When the first one came out in 1988 it went on to gross over 140 million dollars.  I know that doesn’t sound like a lot now a days but back then, that was pretty good haul.  The original has gone on to spawn 4 sequels; Die Hard 2 (Die Harder), Die Hard with a Vengeance, Live Free or Die Hard, and now A Good Day to Die Hard.  So far the franchise has grossed over 1.1 billion, and in my opinion the movies are still pretty decent with regards to watchability.  That being said, I will comment that the most recent, Live Free or Die Hard was the weakest one of the franchise…so far anyway (we’ll have to see how A Good Day To Die Hard is).  I mean if you have to edit John McClane’s signature line of, “Yippie ki-yay Motherfucker” just so that you can get a PG-13 rating and hopefully draw in more viewers, the franchise is already making a turn for the worst.  If that’s any indication as to where the franchise is heading, I would rather the powers that be just quit while they are ahead and call it a day.  I’d hate to see the franchise slowly descend into mediocrity like some other franchises have done (Rocky and Rambo spring to mind).    I’ve posted the teaser trailer below for your viewing pleasure or displeasure, depending on where you stand.

A Good Day to Die Hard