The Name Is Bond…James Bond

In My Humble Opinion: Skyfall looks like a pretty exciting Bond movie.  I will be the first to admit that I’m not the biggest James Bond fan.  I like the movies and all I just know there are others out there that probably call in sick when they hear that a Bond Marathon is going to be on Spike or AMC.  That being said, I think the reboot with Casino Royale breathed new air into a dying franchise.  I thought Daniel Craig filled the shoes of Bond perfectly and took the character into a much-needed new direction.  He didn’t start out with all his classic gizmos and cars…if you remember I think he starts the movie cruising around in a Ford Focus.  Oh and let’s not the forget the opening scene when Bond is chasing his assailant who decides to use parkour in order to avoid being captured…very exciting, fast paced scene.  The rest of the movie is just as good, complete with a (I know it’s hard to believe) pretty intense game of poker.  Quantum of Solace wasn’t really as strong as Casino Royale but was still a pretty good installment for the overall series.  It picks up where Casino Royale leaves off (a rarity in Bond films) and expands on the plotline set forth in the previous film…culminating in a Bond victory and the character further expanding on the emotional depth he showed us in Casino when he exacts revenge on the man responsible for the death of his Casino love interest, Vesper Lynd.

With Skyfall;  the previews I’ve seen thus far and from what I’ve read about it, it promises to be a solid installment in the Bond franchise…and if the movie manages to be half as good as Adelle’s song Skyfall…I think we’re all in for a treat.  I mean you can’t really go wrong with Craig as Bond, and if you’ve seen No Country For Old Men then you know Javier Bardem can play a crazy bad guy like Christopher Walken can play weird and eccentric (don’t forget he played a Bond villain himself in A View to a Kill).  Anyway, given all the super hero movies of late…don’t get me wrong I’m a fan, it’s nice to see a movie coming out where the hero doesn’t turn green when he gets mad or has to run and get his metal suit on in order to battle the bad guys.  No sir, in the instance of Skyfall we’re treated to a hero doesn’t change color and can kick anyone’s ass in the Armani suit he has on.


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