Walk Down The Right Back Alley In SIN CITY, And You Can Find Anything.

In My Humble Opinion: After I re-watched the film the other day, I was reminded as to how truly impressive Sin City is.  The film which was released in 2005 remains a visionary extravaganza that brings Frank Miller’s graphic novel series to life.  That being said, did anyone else notice the strong similarities between the characters Marv and Hartigan?  I have not read the graphic novel series, so if there is some sort of connection between the two characters in the graphic novel that was left out of the film, I apologize for my ignorance.

The characters Hartigan, played by the perfectly cranky and aging Bruce Willis and Marv, portrayed by the bullish and beefy Mickey Rourke not only have similarities when it comes to appearance and characterization but storyline as well.  Side Note: Mickey Rourke, who critics say had his “comeback” with The Wrestler, should have received far more praise for his portrayal of the gladiator born in the wrong century Marv.  Both characters have a strong resolve to handle situations in their own way, consequences be damned.   The two characters are nothing much to look at when it comes to handsomeness, seem to visit the same barber, and have a shared love for long trench coats.  Hartigan relies on a newly prescribed drug for his Angina while Marv is dependent on his own medication to help with his “confusion” (his ailment is never clearly revealed).  The characters mirror each other when it comes to protecting and avenging the women they love and have a connection/admiration for another character in the movie, Nancy played by the stunning Jessica Alba.

The storylines involving the two characters; Marv’s The Hard Goodbye and Hartigan’s The Yellow Bastard 1 & 2, have splendid similarities as well.  Don’t get me wrong, the two stories stand alone and could each be made into their own feature-length film, but there are resemblances between the two.  Marv’s love Goldie is killed off and the viewer is treated to him charismatically torturing his way to the top in order to find those responsible.  Hartigan’s love Nancy is kidnapped by Nick Stahl’s Yellow Bastard and must be saved by the relentless protector, Hartigan himself.  Both  characters show uncommon dedication to their respective women, willing to do anything for them and battle some pretty peculiar villains in their pursuits.  There are two scenes in each storyline that seem to mirror one another as well.  Each character reaches a point in his own storyline where he must approach a family farm on the outskirts of Basin City (in both instances, it’s the same farm).  Two extremely similar scenes depict the characters running stealthily through the snowy woods with their trench coats flapping in the cold winter air.  SPOILER ALERT…The two stories end with each character succeeding in their pursuits but at the cost of their own lives, harkening back to each handling things in his own way, consequences be damned.

All in all, every character in Sin City is absorbing and the film is still a remarkable piece of cinema.  I for one cannot wait for the sequel A Dame To Kill For in 2013.

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