The Walking Dead Reaffirms The Stereotype That Black Characters Bite It First.


In My Humble Opinion:  If you’re a black actor and you get a chance to play on The Walking Dead…your days are numbered.  I don’t know if Rick’s group has some sort of affirmative action thing where it only allows a certain amount of black characters in the group at one time or not?  Either way,  it’s safe to say that the stereotype of black characters being the first ones to bite it (pun intended) in the horror genre lives on in The Walking Dead. I’m going through the seasons so if I leave anyone out, please let me know.  First we had Morgan and Duane Jones, played by Lennie James and Adrian Kali Turner respectively.  They were the father son team that saved Rick in the pilot,  nursed him back to health and then parted ways when Rick left for Atlanta to find his wife Lori and son Carl.  Morgan and Duane were lucky in that they weren’t killed off;  they were just left behind with the thought being they would eventually all hook back up in Atlanta.  Of course, if you’re keeping up with the show you know we haven’t seen neither hide nor hair of the two characters since.  Next there was Jacqui, an Atlanta survivor that eventually decided to share Dr. Jenner’s fate and remain behind at the CDC while it self-destructed.  I know what you’re thinking, what about T-Dog, played by IronE Singleton?  I thought he was going to be a little bit more involved in Season 2, but he was used more as filler or background than as a true part of Rick’s group.  His only main piece of input comes when the Hershel Farm is overrun by walkers and he suggests the group head to the coast…which was actually a pretty good idea (of course it was completely ignored).  The transition to Season 3 had T-Dog really stepping it up and showing how important of a role he had in the group.  I for one was looking forward to him kicking some ass this season, unfortunately he became zombie chow just a few episodes into the Season.  Season 3 also introduced us to inmates Big Tiny, Andrew, and Oscar.  Big Tiny died in the very episode he was introduced in, Andrew died an episode or two after he was introduced (though he did have it coming) and Oscar only made it a few episodes more than his fellow inmates.  All hope is not lost however, we now have Michonne, Tyreese, and Sasha.  Unfortunately with the way things have been going on the show, I don’t have much hope for Sasha lasting very long and the only reason I see Tyreese and Michonne sticking around is because they are such fan favorites from the comics.  We’ll see how things pan out for the characters in a couple of months, but frankly I wouldn’t hold my breath.

2 Comments on “The Walking Dead Reaffirms The Stereotype That Black Characters Bite It First.”

  1. Dina Phelps says:

    When they had new black characters in the intro I KNEW Oscar was going to die in that episode. If Rick hadn’t have been Shane-lucinating, we might have been able to keep him. I liked Oscar. Before the intro of the last episode I thought he might be permanent. I agree about Sacha – I don’t think she will last. Tyreese – we’ll see. I hope he sticks around. By the way he accepted getting locked in the cell by Carl, I’m thinking he might become sort of a foil for Rick…but I’ve been wrong many many times before about this show. And I don’t think Michonne is going anywhere. Well – she might leave the group because she’s crazy like that – but I don’t think she’ll leave the show.

    • I noticed (even though I haven’t read the comics) that all the original characters from the comics are coming into play while the characters that weren’t in the comics are being killed off…accept for The Dixon Bros. pretty much

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