We’re Gonna Have the Happ Happ Happiest Christmas


In My Humble Opinion: There are lots of Christmas movies out there that have made me laugh but for whatever reason National Lampooon’s Christmas Vacation still stands as my all time favorite.  Like I said, there are many others; Elf, Bad Santa, Scrooged, and A Christmas Story just to name a few but Christmas Vacation resonates with me, maybe it’s because I’m older and have a family of my own now and can understand the utter hell Clark Griswold is going through…at least some of the time anyway.  I mean it all starts off with him forgetting the saw to cut down his dream Christmas tree and just gets funnier and funnier from there.  Of all the National Lampoon movies with Chevy Chase I really think he’s on his “A” game in this one.  That being said, the movie wouldn’t be complete with the dim-witted but good-hearted character Cousin Eddie played by Randy Quaid.  I mean the scene where Cousin Eddie is emptying his RV’s waste tank into the public sewer system while in his boxers and bathrobe is probably one of the funniest images I think I’ve ever witness.  Of all the movies that come out during the Christmas season on networks like Hallmark, Family, O, The Estrogen Network (last network’s not real by the way) none of them hold a candle to the profanity filled, white trash, family hell magic that Christmas Vacation captures.  Don’t believe me?  Go back and watch the scene with Cousin Eddie and try not to laugh…you might get through some of it, but once he raises his beer and full of Christmas cheer exclaims, “Merry Christmas, Shitter Was Full!!” you’ll be in tears.

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