JUMPER…Needs To Teleport To Television


In My Humble Opinion: The concept for the movie Jumper had such potential and the preview for it looked amazing; the movie itself however, was a huge let down.  Loosely based on the novel of the same name Jumper follows Hayden Christensen’s character who can “jump” or teleport to pretty much anywhere he wants to on the planet…how can you not dig that right?  Unfortunately, the concept is wasted on…a love story and is then taken in directions that make the whole premise much less interesting than it could have been.  Hayden Christensen’s character is chased around the globe by Samuel L. Jackson (doing his best to look like Wesley Snipes in Demolition Man) who is in charge of a group called Paladins that hunt down and kills jumpers.  Paladins have been hunting down and killing Jumpers since “the beginning.”  Hayden Christensen’s character is in love with a girl, runs into another Jumper fighting the Paladins, and tries to sort out some mommy issues…yada yada yada. 

Anyway, like I said, the movie itself was a huge let down.  After visiting another blog todayiwatchedamovie I read a comment about the movie that made so much sense.  Take this concept of “jumping” and turn it into a television series.  Seriously, a concept as cool as this should definitely be developed for TV.  Leave the love story out of it and put a little bit of The Fugitive spin on it.  Maybe the Paladins (in an effort to catch the most elusive Jumper yet) frame him for a crime he didn’t commit, making it damn near impossible for him to find solace anywhere.  The series then follows the main character as he desperately tries to clear his name, has run ins with other Jumpers (some help, some don’t) and tries to expose the Paladins.  Probably won’t every happen but here’s to hoping that a network will “Jump” in feet first!

2 Comments on “JUMPER…Needs To Teleport To Television”

  1. This movie was terrible. The thing I didn’t get was that Rachel Bilson went on some vacation to Italy with this guy after she hadn’t seen him in like 10 years after 5 minutes of re-meeting him. The TV show idea sounds quite good though!

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