Can Superman Save The Justice League?


In My Humble Opinion:  Any attempt by Warner Bros. to make a Justice League movie will end in disaster.  Apparently the powers that be over at Warner Bros. have decided to hang the fate of a Justice League movie on the box office receipt totals of Man of Steel (the new Superman reboot directed by Zach Snyder).  Personally, I think The Avengers was lucky to perform as well as it did.  I liked the movie, hell I pretty much liked all the movies leading up to The Avengers (Captain America was a little lame) but I think the success of  The Avengers was a situation where everything came together just at the right time.  For Warner Bros. to try to use this formula and apply it to The Justice League is going to end badly.  Other than the Batman franchise, Warner Bros. doesn’t have much to lean on in the way of hope with The Justice League being successful.  In fact, while we’re being honest, the latest Batman, The Dark Knight Rises was the weakest of them all which doesn’t bode well for trying to sustain momentum going forward; and let’s not forget Green Lantern, which showed more “green” on-screen than it took in at the box office.  Anyway, I’m excited about Man of Steel.  I hope I’m wrong about Warner Bros. and it is able to move forward with a Justice League movie (I know my son would be excited too)…I just won’t get my hopes up and I’d advise you don’t either.  

Part of the Variety article below:

Stakes are high for “Man of Steel.” Other than Nolan’s Batpics, Warners has not been able to effectively exploit the DC library. Its 2011 “Green Lantern” underperformed, and a “Justice League” film wouldn’t likely be in theaters before 2015, as Warner’s top brass has indicated that they are awaiting the results of “Man of Steel,” which opens June 14, before moving further ahead.

Which Timothy Olyphant Lawman Would Win?

If it came to a showdown…which Timothy Olyphant lawman do you think would come out on top? 

HBO#00393        VS.      justified-watching-the-detectives_article_story_main

I’ll Most Likely Follow…The Following


In My Humble Opinion: Fox’s The Following is a fresh new show that abandons the typically mundane procedural format that has become a network norm for many stations.  The Following chronicles the relationship between ex-FBI agent Ryan Hardy (Hardy Boy reference maybe?) played by Kevin Bacon and the enigmatic, Edgar Allen Poe wannabe Joe Carroll played by James Purefoy.  Hardy captured Carroll once before and must do so again in the first episode when he’s called in as a consultant after Carroll escapes from prison.  Carroll’s escape is stemmed from a need to finish something that Hardy previously prevented him from completing (as revealed in flashbacks) as well as a plan of vengeance.  The big kicker of the show lending even more complexity to the relationship between the two characters SPOILER ALERT is that while Hardy was investigating Carroll, Hardy ended up having an affair with Carroll’s wife.  Carroll’s wife Claire Matthews is played by Natalie Zea.  To those of you that have seen the show…my money is that Matthews’ son Joey will end up actually being Hardy’s biological son and not Carroll’s (remember the letter, there’s more to it).  The show’s first episode, to me was a nice mix of Silence of the Lambs and Seven.  The cat and mouse element is there with Bacon’s character playing the tortured/broken cat to Purefoy’s sinister yet hypnotic mouse.  About the only real beef I had with the Pilot episode is that Carroll escapes from a maximum security prison (no easy task) but is back in custody by episode’s end.  I’m aware that the show is about Carroll’s “following” (which he recruited through various chat rooms, etc. while preparing for his third appeal) and Carroll explains that it was his plan to be caught all along, or at least eludes to that fact.  However, now that’s he’s back in prison with his computer access privileges taken away (I’m assuming) his whole plan to get revenge on Hardy might seem a little far-fetched in some future episodes.  I don’t care how much planning Carroll put into his plan, the people carrying out the plan itself are the ones that will ultimately decide whether the plan fails or succeeds; which is a pretty big thing to gamble on if you’re a man as intelligent and methodical as Carroll.  Other than that, the show is pretty solid.  Side Note: I got a kick out of seeing Billy Brown as part of the team; I’ve liked him ever since I first saw him on Dexter.  Too bad from what I’ve read he only lasts about three episodes.  Oh, and who else dug the transition from Marilyn Manson’s Sweet Dreams to Patsy Cline’s version in the opening minutes of the episode?    Anyway, we’ll see where the show goes from here, I’ll have to make it a point to keep “following” it ha-ha.  


Mama Plot Summary…Spoilers Below


Jeffrey kills his estranged wife and business partners and flees with his children: young Victoria and one-year-old Lilly. On a remote, snowy road, the car slips down an embankment into the woods. Jeffrey finds an abandoned cabin nearby and prepares to commit a murder/suicide. At the last moment, he is killed by a strange figure in the cabin.

For the next five years, Jeffrey’s brother Lucas and his girlfriend Annabel search for Jeffrey and the children. Searchers stumble upon the crashed car and eventually find the two children in the cabin. By this time, they’ve become animal-like. They are put under the care of psychiatrist, Dr. Dreyfuss. Lucas and Annabel are granted custody of the children under the agreement that they move into a large house used to do psychiatric case studies. The children’s rich aunt is angry that she did not obtain custody. It quickly becomes apparent that the strange figure, who the children repeatedly refer to as “Mama,” is in the new home interacting with the children. Her history is revealed throughout the movie through a combination of dreams Annabel has (induced by Mama), research by Dr. Dreyfuss, and conversations he has with Victoria.

“Mama” was a former patient named Edith at a mental asylum in the 1800s, who gave birth to a baby whom nuns had taken away from her. She stabbed a nun, broke out of the asylum, and ran away with her baby. After chased by authorities through woods, she jumps over a cliff into the lake below, hitting a tree branch on the way down. Edith’s corpse falls into the lake but the baby’s corpse hangs by a blanket on the branch and is recovered by authorities. Mama’s spirit was twisted by the grief of not knowing where her child was. For over a hundred years she searched the woods trying to find her baby. She was present when Victoria and Lilly were about to be killed by their father in the cabin but saved them and cared for them as her own. She plays with the children but hides from sight of anyone else.

Lucas encounters Mama, falls over a banister, and becomes comatose, leaving Annabel, who didn’t want the children, to care for them. Victoria becomes more like a normal child, but Lilly retains her animalistic nature. Annabel becomes attached to the children, and Victoria begins to prefer her over Mama. Lilly still remains completely loyal to Mama. Victoria worries for Annabel’s safety, saying Mama gets jealous. Meanwhile, Dr Dreyfuss begins to wonder if Mama is real. He manages to obtain the corpse of Mama’s baby with the help of a librarian. After seeing Mama during a session with Victoria, he goes to the cabin, where Mama attacks him.

After seeing bruises Lilly obtained from her animal tendencies, the aunt believes Annabel is abusing the children and begins to spy on the house for proof.

Annabel visits Dr. Dreyfuss’ office, learning he is missing. She steals and reads his research notes, taking the baby corpse in the process. Mama becomes angry due to Victoria’s neglect of her and attacks. Victoria tries to defend Annabel and pleads for Mama to stop, but Lilly is still clearly loyal to Mama. Annabel is knocked out, but at the last moment the aunt breaks into the house and has her body possessed by Mama. Mama uses this body to take the children to the cabin.

Annabel wakes up and drives to the lake. She finds Lucas near the cabin, who had gone there due to a dream he had while comatose where his brother asked him to save the girls. At the cabin they find the aunt’s corpse but not the children. Annabel sees them on the cliff that Mama had originally jumped from. She realizes Mama’s intention to jump off the cliff with the children. Lucas and Annabel arrive in time to stop this, but Mama attacks them. She becomes pacified, taking on a human appearance when Annabel gives her the baby’s corpse.

Lilly calls out for Mama and Mama throws the baby’s corpse away, preferring Lilly. She grabs the kids and walks to the edge of the cliff. Annabel tries desperately to stop them, eventually beaten to the point that she can only hold onto Victoria’s bathrobe belt. Victoria tries to convince her sister Lilly not to go with Mama. Lilly wants the three of them to be together. Mama jumps off the cliff with just Lilly. They both turn into a shower of moths. The movie ends with Victoria realizing that a lone butterfly is in fact Lilly, watching over her.

Bill Murray Pushing For Live Action Lorax Movie?

In My Humble Opinion: I’ve heard about stars doing things in order to get movies made, but Bill Murray transforming himself into a real life Lorax in order to get it done…Priceless!!!

098.jpg Bill Murray Lorax

Walton Goggins…So Under Appreciated


In My Humble Opinion: Walton Goggins is one of the best actors on television right now.  We can beckon back to when he played Shayne Vendrell on the The Shield, a role that should have won him an Emmy or Golden Globe; or we can look at his solid performance as Boyd Crowder on FX’s Justified, which at least earned him an Emmy nod in 2011.  Either way, he’s obviously a performer that has incalculable range when it comes to his acting prowess.  If the two performances previously mentioned don’t make a solid case for him (which you would be crazy to argue about) check out his cameo on Sons of Anarchy where he plays a cross dressing hooker named Venus Van Damme.  Okay, the role wasn’t exactly award material, but it was probably the funniest and one of the most memorable things I have ever seen on Sons of Anarchy.  His most recent character Boyd Crowder is technically an antagonist to Timothy Olyphant’s Raylan Givens (who also puts in an incredibly solid performance) but it’s hard not to root for Goggins’ character.  Goggins portrays Boyd with this dim-witted intelligence that throws the viewer for a loop at first.  You’re not sure if he’s this backcountry redneck that is just doing what he can to survive; or a well-read, intelligent, man with a plan that can sweet talk and manipulate people into getting what he wants.  All I can say is that I’m only one episode in to the new season of Justified (damn you On Demand for being so far behind) and can already tell that Boyd Crowder will remain as one of the reasons I continue to watch the show.

Robert Kirkman Will Ruin The Walking Dead!!!!


In My Humble Opinion: Everything I’ve read about the television show and comic book series The Walking Dead leads me to believe that Robert Kirkman will not only eventually ruin the show, but that he’s a giant insecure asshole as well.  The Walking Dead television series was created using Robert Kirkman’s comic book series as source material.  If it wasn’t for show creator and developer Frank Darabont, his reputation in Hollywood, and his creative genius while running the first season, the show wouldn’t be where it is today.  Unfortunately after the first season proved to be a monumental success, breaking all sorts of records for AMC, Frank Darabont announced he would be leaving the show.  Why?  Well many believed that it was because he couldn’t adjust to the schedule of a television series but it was later confirmed that he was in fact fired because he was upset about budget constraints and “executive meddling.”  Executive meddling??? And who was serving as an executive producer of the show, Robert Kirkman of course.  Okay, we can chalk this up to coincidence right, or maybe I’m even jumping to conclusions at this point.  Let’s move on…

Glen Mazzara took over as show runner for Season 2 and Season 3.  Now follow me here for a second.  Mazzara took over as show runner for one of the biggest shows in AMC’s history right after Hollywood heavy hitter Darabont left.  My theory is that he didn’t really want to rock the boat and basically conceded to whatever direction Kirkman wanted to take the show; after all it was Kirkman’s material they were working from so Kirkman knew what he was talking about right?  Unfortunately, adopting this mentality resulted in probably one of the most boring sophomore seasons I’ve ever seen.  Yeah okay, people will argue about how great some of the episodes were, and I agree some of them were, but if you really think about it…Season 2 moved slower than the walkers in the series itself.  Mazzara probably noticed this, read the reviews and decided, “You know what, I’m picking up the frigging pace in Season 3 damn it!”  This has resulted in some of the best episodes yet.  The first half of Season 3 has seen all sorts of action and suspense that was missing from Season 2.  So you’d think that AMC would be happy right…well maybe they were, but you know who wasn’t?  Mr. “I got picked last for kickball” Robert Kirkman.  He couldn’t stand that Mazzara was finally taking the show in a direction the viewers were responding to so his answer was…I gotta get rid of Mazzara.  Sure enough, Mazzara announced he was leaving the show after Season 3 because Mazzara and AMC have a difference of opinion of where the show should go moving forward.  I guess Mazzara’s direction translated into getting more viewers; after all, so far Season 3 has averaged more viewers than both Seasons 1 and 2.  Maybe I’m reaching again?  Okay, let’s move on one more time…

When I read about this, it was the kicker for me.  I don’t know all the details of what really went on in any of these scenarios.  No one knows how everything really went down except for the parties involved; but when I read that Tony Moore, Co-Creator of The Walking Dead comic book series filed a lawsuit against Robert Kirkman which stated that Kirkman deceitfully engineered Moore into surrendering his rights to The Walking Dead comic book and the eventual television series I realized I wasn’t jumping to any conclusions.  What really struck me with this one is that Moore and Kirkman were/are childhood friends.  Kirkman screwed over a childhood friend that helped him ignite The Walking Dead into what it is today.  It’s clear that Robert Kirkman is an insecure ass that will do anything and everything to keep people from stealing his spotlight.