An Evil Dead Remake…Really? Have We Run Out Of Ideas?

evil_dead_1_poster_02  Has Turned Into This… evil_dead_poster

In My Humble Opinion: Why the hell does Hollywood feel the need to remake such a cult classic like Evil Dead?  I know the remake was announced long ago and I was hesitant to comment on it because I haven’t see the original.  That’s right I will be up and front and say I have not seen the original Evil Dead 1 or 2…yet; I have seen Army of Darkness though and also know what a dedicated following all three films in the franchise have gained.  The films launched the careers of Bruce Campbell and Sam Raimi and have gone on to have one of the biggest cult followings in film history…isn’t that enough?  I don’t know if Hollywood saw the moderate success of The Cabin In The Woods and decided, well why don’t we just remake one that we know already has a strong fan base.  Hopefully I’m not of the mark with this one and if there are any fans out there that really like the original trilogy, please let me know if you are excited about the remake being done or are as appalled as I am that Hollywood can’t come up with any fresh ideas.  Hell, when they remade The Karate Kid (yeah it did well, and it wasn’t that bad of a movie) but why call it The Karate Kid?  It didn’t follow any of the plot points from the original movie except for the “bullying” aspect, and on top of that, Jayden Smith didn’t learn Karate, he learned Kung-Fu.  Why not just call it the Kung-Fu Kid and make it its own stand alone film?  Anyway, I’m surprised that Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell even signed on as producers for the remake.  Then again I’m sure it will be a nice pay-day for them so you can’t blame them but so much.  Oh well, maybe I will just make it a point when the re-make comes out to have a special screening of the original film somewhere, maybe even a double feature of Evil Dead 1 & 2.

5 Comments on “An Evil Dead Remake…Really? Have We Run Out Of Ideas?”

  1. I’ve been against this remake from the beginning. But it is a cash cow. I would advise that you see the first 2. Evil Dead 2 is actually a remake of Evil Dead. Raimi had more money so he decided to go back and make it the way he wanted (before the days of special editions). If the new version isn’t going to be tongue in cheek and B movie style, well, then it’s not the Evil Dead, and like you said, they should call it something else.

    • I’ve heard that…about the second one. And Army of Darkness just went complete tongue in cheek right? I’ll have to check them out soon!

      • These were the films that turned me on to the horror genre. A perfect blend of camp, humor and gore. AoD was Raimi’s salute to Stan Winston and other stop motion pioneers, namely for the film Jason and the Argonauts. Just saw the trailer for the new version and it looks terrifying. It has elements of the original but they are going for scary this time.

  2. Hubby is a huge Evil Dead fan and he feels the remake will be what Raimi would have originally made if he had the budget studio backing would have provided. Evil Dead 2 is his favorite movie of all time and he is anticipating the reboot. Check out my post and definitely check out at least the 2nd film!

    • I plan on checking out the first two. Not sure I completely agree with your statement about the remake being what Raimi would have originally made if he had the budget. If that were the case then he would have signed on as director, or at least written the remake right? Would your hubby have been as excited had it been not a remake but another installment in the franchise maybe?

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