Robert Kirkman Will Ruin The Walking Dead!!!!


In My Humble Opinion: Everything I’ve read about the television show and comic book series The Walking Dead leads me to believe that Robert Kirkman will not only eventually ruin the show, but that he’s a giant insecure asshole as well.  The Walking Dead television series was created using Robert Kirkman’s comic book series as source material.  If it wasn’t for show creator and developer Frank Darabont, his reputation in Hollywood, and his creative genius while running the first season, the show wouldn’t be where it is today.  Unfortunately after the first season proved to be a monumental success, breaking all sorts of records for AMC, Frank Darabont announced he would be leaving the show.  Why?  Well many believed that it was because he couldn’t adjust to the schedule of a television series but it was later confirmed that he was in fact fired because he was upset about budget constraints and “executive meddling.”  Executive meddling??? And who was serving as an executive producer of the show, Robert Kirkman of course.  Okay, we can chalk this up to coincidence right, or maybe I’m even jumping to conclusions at this point.  Let’s move on…

Glen Mazzara took over as show runner for Season 2 and Season 3.  Now follow me here for a second.  Mazzara took over as show runner for one of the biggest shows in AMC’s history right after Hollywood heavy hitter Darabont left.  My theory is that he didn’t really want to rock the boat and basically conceded to whatever direction Kirkman wanted to take the show; after all it was Kirkman’s material they were working from so Kirkman knew what he was talking about right?  Unfortunately, adopting this mentality resulted in probably one of the most boring sophomore seasons I’ve ever seen.  Yeah okay, people will argue about how great some of the episodes were, and I agree some of them were, but if you really think about it…Season 2 moved slower than the walkers in the series itself.  Mazzara probably noticed this, read the reviews and decided, “You know what, I’m picking up the frigging pace in Season 3 damn it!”  This has resulted in some of the best episodes yet.  The first half of Season 3 has seen all sorts of action and suspense that was missing from Season 2.  So you’d think that AMC would be happy right…well maybe they were, but you know who wasn’t?  Mr. “I got picked last for kickball” Robert Kirkman.  He couldn’t stand that Mazzara was finally taking the show in a direction the viewers were responding to so his answer was…I gotta get rid of Mazzara.  Sure enough, Mazzara announced he was leaving the show after Season 3 because Mazzara and AMC have a difference of opinion of where the show should go moving forward.  I guess Mazzara’s direction translated into getting more viewers; after all, so far Season 3 has averaged more viewers than both Seasons 1 and 2.  Maybe I’m reaching again?  Okay, let’s move on one more time…

When I read about this, it was the kicker for me.  I don’t know all the details of what really went on in any of these scenarios.  No one knows how everything really went down except for the parties involved; but when I read that Tony Moore, Co-Creator of The Walking Dead comic book series filed a lawsuit against Robert Kirkman which stated that Kirkman deceitfully engineered Moore into surrendering his rights to The Walking Dead comic book and the eventual television series I realized I wasn’t jumping to any conclusions.  What really struck me with this one is that Moore and Kirkman were/are childhood friends.  Kirkman screwed over a childhood friend that helped him ignite The Walking Dead into what it is today.  It’s clear that Robert Kirkman is an insecure ass that will do anything and everything to keep people from stealing his spotlight.

One Comment on “Robert Kirkman Will Ruin The Walking Dead!!!!”

  1. Andrew lawson says:

    I never liked zombie movies before.
    I watched the first season on net flix
    And was shocked how good it was.
    The scene where they get to the lab
    and Andrew Lincoln pleads to the camera
    To let them in, then it opens ….classic

    The daughter, stumbling out of barn
    in season two (the best scene ever)
    who ever directed that one deserves an emmy.

    This season is jumpling the shark.
    Killing off nearly all the original actors
    Is Tv suicide.

    Its going to be like ER.

    I know the comic book is dark and full
    Of new characters. It feels forced on the
    They could have kept Andrea.
    She was the Loretta swit)
    Of the show.

    Its getting too big now.
    Its making money for AMC.
    They will tinker it ti death.
    Bring back Darabort.

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