The Walking Dead Q & A


In My Humble Opinion: I love being sent stuff like this so that I can offer my insight.  My insight may not always be right, or what you agree with but hey, that’s why it’s called my humble opinion.  A friend of mine posted these questions and I offered my take on them.

1.  Rick was plenty crazy when he was wandering around outside the prison, no?

Rick lost it for sure…and now he seems to be okay again?  Well he seems to be okay for now, who knows when he’ll lose it again.  I think the whole “crazy” thing was a cop-out by the writing team to try to build suspense or keep the story moving…unfortunately it was a dumb idea in my opinion.  Yeah I’m sure that the strain of what he’s been through and leading the group is getting to him, but let’s be honest if anyone would be seeing visions of a dead Lori…wouldn’t or shouldn’t it be Carl?

2.  We still should not trust Merle at all.  I really thought there was a chance he would kill Herschel when they were having their bible study.

Me and a friend of mine have a soft spot for Merle.  I agree he isn’t the most trustworthy guy by any means but I think the scene you referenced above actually showed that Merle may have at one point been trying to better himself in Woodbury.  Of course I could turn right around and argue that a “reformed” Merle wouldn’t have locked Glenn in a room with a walker trying to kill him.  You watch out though, I think ole Merle is going to be a character to keep an eye on…I think he just might surprise us.

3.  Andrea is an idiot.  Every time I think she’s about to be cool, she does something stupid again.  That being said, I thought the prison gang’s response to her appearance was mean and dickish.  Except for Carol, who I am starting to like.

Don’t get me started on this…sorry but for lack of a better word, Bitch!.  Everything about Andrea annoys the hell out of me.  The way she walks around like she is king shit or queen bee.  Just her smug attitude gets my blood boiling, like everyone that survived the zombie apocalypse needs to run everything by her for approval or something?  That being said, I do see her point about not wanting to spill anymore blood and trying to broker the peace between the prison and Woodbury, but still, the way she went about it?   I was almost hoping the Gov. was just going to shoot her when she came back to Woodbury…yeah she is that annoying.  I will applaud her however on the fact that although the zombie apocalypse has occurred, she still feels sexy enough to put on a thong in the morning.

4. Tyrese and his gang are going to end up having to fight the prison gang in the season finale, amiright?

I don’t know what’s gonna happen with Tyrese and his gang.  It seems like that whole group’s introduction could have been handled a little more smoothly.  Side Note: The writers seem to introduce characters and not know what to do with them half the time.  I read in EW that the actor that played Axel was little pissed he was killed off so soon.  He thought he was going to have a much more substantial role in the series.  Even Andrew Lincoln was upset that Axel was killed off so quickly and spoke out about it.  It’s hard to feel bad when characters die that have only been in about 3 or 4 episodes and for only about 3 or 4 minutes of those episodes.  Now from what I understand, in the comics Tyrese is kind of Rick’s right hand man, but with Daryl being around in the tv series maybe the creators are trying to throw a curve ball and Tyrese will end up being cozy with the Gov?  I do feel like the season is gearing up for this big showdown at the prison that unfortunately is going to be a big let down.  Whatever happens, Tyrese is a man who knows how to use a hammer amiright?

5. Andrea sucks for not killing the governor.

Well…we know how I feel about Andrea…she’s a big ole hypocrite when it comes to a lot of things anyway but I do want to bring this up with regards to the Gov.  From what I’ve been told about the comics the Gov. is a sadistic mofo.  The picture I’ve been painted of him is that he is the kind of man who would have actually raped Maggie…and made Glen watch…and then possible raped him.  Let’s be honest though, the Gov. in the show….is he really that bad of a guy?  He is the mirror image of Rick honestly, he’s doing what he has to do to keep his people alive and safe.  When Michonne first got there she was snooping around,  poking her nose in where it didn’t belong.  Did he flip out, order to have her killed?  No, at first he extended the olive branch to her and Andrea saying he could use them both.  He has/had  a soft spot in his heart and kept his daughter alive because he couldn’t bear killing her (and anyone that says this is just “sick” must think that Morgan who couldn’t kill his walker wife or Hershel who let’s not forget had a whole damn barn full of walkers are “sick” too)  What has the Gov. really done to make him “sadistic?”  Okay he has the heads in jars…maybe if Rick found a hobby like that he wouldn’t be having visions of his dead wife?  A friend of mine made the joke that at least the Governor is experimenting on the walkers seeing if there is a way to in fact cure them?  True politician style, he’s putting resources into medical research to strengthen our economy people haha.  One more point about the similarities between Rick and the Gov.  Remember Season 2 after Rick capped the two guys in the bar (yeah killed them cold blood) then had that young man interrogated by Daryl back at the farmhouse?  How is that any different from what the Governor did to Maggie and Glenn…hell the Gov. even had his own Dixon brother handle some of the interrigation…just like Rick!

The Last Exorcism…Part 2?

In My Humble Opinion:  The very title of this movie insults our intelligence as human beings.  I just saw a preview for The Last Exorcism Part 2, which takes place after the first movie called The Last Exorcism.  Well if it was in fact the “last” exorcism the first time around…then there wouldn’t be a damn sequel.  The first movie should have been called…The Next To Last Exorcism.



Bath Salts: The Series Episode One

In My Humble Opinion:  Bath Salts: The Series takes a familiar genre and adds an exciting twist by allowing the viewer’s themselves to determine how the series will ultimately be laid out.  That’s right!  At the end of each episode you get to vote on an important plot element that will be incorporated into future installments.  If you haven’t seen the episode yet, please check it out below… seriously check it out now because I don’t want to spoil anything if you keep reading this.

The episode opens with a long-haired character doing his best to channel his inner Ewan McGregor from Moulin Rouge personality during what appears to be the Zombie apocalypse.  Eventually over run and feasted on by zombies, the show then flashes back to one year earlier (perhaps to reveal how the whole pandemic got started in the first place).  This plot element is one that I would like to point out as refreshing.  Far too many times has the Zombie genre either started from the very beginning of an outbreak, chronicling how the whole event begun or simply continued its storyline from a previously released film.  During the flashback we’re introduced to Kale, a man seeking psychiatric help (rightfully so) that seems to have an obsession with super villains.  My prediction is that this unstable character ends up being the one behind the whole apocalypse, but more on that later.  As the series progresses the viewer is introduced to who I’m guessing will be the main protagonist of the series; a private eye who makes a living by photographing people in compromising situations.  The creator of the show, John Johnson pays homage to Tales From The Crypt (whether intentionally or not).  The relationship Mr. Private Eye has with his fiance (one I’m envious of by the way) resembles a relationship from an episode in which Andrew McCarthy casts a spell on his “hot” neighbor and they spend the remainder of the episode having sex…look it up!  Anyway, from there it’s revealed (if I understood it correctly) that the private eye character and Kale’s psychiatrist were once involved in a relationship…neatly tying all the characters of the episode together.

The episode ends on a cliffhanger and with a chance for the viewer to make his/her own contribution.  The viewer is given the chance to vote on whether the series should incorporate fast zombies or the more traditional mummy-like slow zombies.  I for one voted for ********.  The episode does a good job at introducing its main characters and showing us how they are all connected in some way.  I also applaud how the show is slowly developing tension and building its characters as opposed to jumping right in and leaving the viewer confused about who is who.  My hope is the series continues with this simmer-like storytelling, sprinkling in moments of suspense, all the while continuing to remain true to its genuine driving force…the characters themselves.

Movies, Television, And Video Games…Oh My!!!


In My Humble Opinion:  Is Hollywood really to blame for the violence in our world; I don’t think so.  A recent article in Entertainment Weekly discussed the violence/prominence of guns in modern-day movies, television, and video games and how the violence depicted in those entertainment vehicles could have a link to the violence that is occurring in our country.  The issue has become such a hot topic that President Obama recently asked Congress to approve a $10 million dollar study be conducted on whether the violence in entertainment has any type of link to the violence that occurs in real life.  Personally, I don’t buy it and am against any type of censorship when it comes to entertainment; whether it be the censorship of the three forms I mentioned above or other creative outlets such as books, poetry, or music…I mean, imagine a world if Elvis and other early Rock n Rollers weren’t allowed to perform the music they wanted to.  Blaming Hollywood sounds like a cop-out to me.  Has Hollywood had that much of a negative impact on our society?  Or, have we grown so accustomed to assigning the blame to something or someone other than ourselves that pointing our finger at Hollywood is growing more and more acceptable?  I grew up watching movies as a kid, and to be completely honest I watched some movies that had in them some things that perhaps I shouldn’t have seen at such a young age.  Case in point: I was 9 years old when my dad took me to see Terminator 2: Judgment Day.  That being said, I’ve grown up to be a self-conscious, responsible adult that can differentiate between Hollywood glamour and real life horror.  I think that’s the big problem in today’s world; children don’t have a solid moral compass when it comes to their day-to-day life.  Isn’t it parents’ responsibility to filter what their children are exposed to, I know I make conscience decisions about what my children will watch, what games they will play, etc.?  Like I said earlier; I for one don’t completely accept that there is any type of connection between the violent acts depicted in entertainment and those carried out in real life anyway.  Did Mark David Chapman kill John Lennon because of Catcher in the Rye?  No Way!!  He was/is a crazy f*ck that used the novel as an excuse to commit his crime.  Now please, don’t get me wrong, I completely appreciate wanting someone to blame if you’ve been affected by an act of violence or lost a loved one because of someone else’s heinous act.  The problem is we’ve become a society that instead of admitting that someone who has just gone on a shooting rampage obviously has something mentally wrong with him/her, we look for a scapegoat and say that the individual was perhaps “brainwashed” by a movie or television show he/she watched.

All released before 1990 and all depict acts of violence and/or terrorism

Bonnie and Clyde – 1967                                               Nighthawks – 1981

The Deer Hunter – 1978                                                Dirty Harry – 1971

Apocalypse Now – 1979                                                 Lethal Weapon – 1987

The Godfather – 1972                                                    Texas Chainsaw Massacre – 1974

First Blood – 1982                                                          Die Hard – 1988

Robocop – 1987                                                              Predator – 1987

Halloween – 1978                                                           Airport – 1970

Terminator – 1984                                                          Escape from New York – 1981

Platoon – 1986                                                                Friday the 13th – 1980

Full Metal Jacket – 1987                                                The Road Warrior – 1981

The Untouchables – 1987                                               Commando – 1985

Delta Force – 1986


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