Bath Salts: The Series Episode One

In My Humble Opinion:  Bath Salts: The Series takes a familiar genre and adds an exciting twist by allowing the viewer’s themselves to determine how the series will ultimately be laid out.  That’s right!  At the end of each episode you get to vote on an important plot element that will be incorporated into future installments.  If you haven’t seen the episode yet, please check it out below… seriously check it out now because I don’t want to spoil anything if you keep reading this.

The episode opens with a long-haired character doing his best to channel his inner Ewan McGregor from Moulin Rouge personality during what appears to be the Zombie apocalypse.  Eventually over run and feasted on by zombies, the show then flashes back to one year earlier (perhaps to reveal how the whole pandemic got started in the first place).  This plot element is one that I would like to point out as refreshing.  Far too many times has the Zombie genre either started from the very beginning of an outbreak, chronicling how the whole event begun or simply continued its storyline from a previously released film.  During the flashback we’re introduced to Kale, a man seeking psychiatric help (rightfully so) that seems to have an obsession with super villains.  My prediction is that this unstable character ends up being the one behind the whole apocalypse, but more on that later.  As the series progresses the viewer is introduced to who I’m guessing will be the main protagonist of the series; a private eye who makes a living by photographing people in compromising situations.  The creator of the show, John Johnson pays homage to Tales From The Crypt (whether intentionally or not).  The relationship Mr. Private Eye has with his fiance (one I’m envious of by the way) resembles a relationship from an episode in which Andrew McCarthy casts a spell on his “hot” neighbor and they spend the remainder of the episode having sex…look it up!  Anyway, from there it’s revealed (if I understood it correctly) that the private eye character and Kale’s psychiatrist were once involved in a relationship…neatly tying all the characters of the episode together.

The episode ends on a cliffhanger and with a chance for the viewer to make his/her own contribution.  The viewer is given the chance to vote on whether the series should incorporate fast zombies or the more traditional mummy-like slow zombies.  I for one voted for ********.  The episode does a good job at introducing its main characters and showing us how they are all connected in some way.  I also applaud how the show is slowly developing tension and building its characters as opposed to jumping right in and leaving the viewer confused about who is who.  My hope is the series continues with this simmer-like storytelling, sprinkling in moments of suspense, all the while continuing to remain true to its genuine driving force…the characters themselves.

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