Yeah I Geeked Out With Michael Biehn

Me_and_Michael_Biehn  I look a little flushed, can you tell I was nervous?

In My Humble Opinion: Michael Biehn is forever etched in my memory as one of the best action stars of the 80’s.  My geekiness stretches to extremes on a few subjects, there’s no argument there.  I mean I could go into how much I love Star Wars and still have fond memories of sitting down as a child with my bowl of Count Chocula cereal and watching Return of the Jedi; which remains my favorite movie of the entire franchise.  However, that seems a little too easy an example of my “geekiness” so I would rather share the story of when I met one of my favorite stars of the 80’s…Mr. Michael Biehn.  Two of my favorite movies growing up were Aliens and The Terminator.  I mean, who can honestly say they never played outside and pretended they were trying to evade Xenomorphs on LV-426 or rebelling against Skynet in the war against the machines (I’m still hoping a Plasma Rifle in the 40-watt range will be released in my lifetime).  To this day, Sergeant Kyle Reese and Corporal Dwayne Hicks remain two of my favorite characters, not just from the 80’s but of all time!  I got to meet Mr. Biehn at a Horror movie convention where he was promoting his new movie The Victim (I think he was little hung-over, but I didn’t care).  I was so star struck that I couldn’t even think of anything to say when he asked how he should inscribe my Corporal Hicks action figure (yeah I collect various action figures okay!)  Luckily he still had the capacity to come up with, “Sean, Stay Frosty…Michael Biehn.”  Needless to say it was awesome meeting him and will remain one of those moments I will always remember whenever Aliens or The Terminator comes on television.

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