Wreck It Ralph: Being Bad Was Never So Much Fun


In My Humble Opinion: Wreck it Ralph was robbed at the Academy Awards this year. The Oscar for Best Animated Feature went to Pixar’s Brave, which I have to say is one the least impressive Pixar movies I’ve seen. On that note and not to sound like a conspiracy theorist, but since the Oscar for Best Animated Feature was first given out at the 74th Academy Awards in 2002 there have been 12 winners. Of those 12 winners, 7 of them were movies produced by Pixar. I applaud Pixar and the work they have produced, which is why I’m not spending this post bashing Brave. The company has produced some of my favorite animated films as of late; The Incredibles, Monsters Inc., and the Toy Story series (yeah I don’t think there’s a weak link in that trilogy). I just feel that Wreck It Ralph was a much better movie with a more compelling plotline that appealed to not only children but the parents/adults that watched it as well. The movie maintained a perfect balance between keeping kids interested and keeping parents entertained at the same time. If you haven’t seen Wreck It Ralph I highly recommend it. If you have seen it then hopefully you were not only as entertained as I was, but also got a dose of the same nostalgia I did delving into the gaming world. I’ve never been a HUGE gamer, I play them on occasion and remember the big ones from when I was kid, but the appeal of Wreck It Ralph catered to gamers of all levels. Whether you laughed after catching a glimpse of M. Bison and Zangief in the Bad Guy Support Group or chuckled when King Candy entered his “cheat code” to enter Sugar Rush’s safe where all the data code to the game is kept, you felt like you were in on the joke. Hopefully like me, you were delighted in the fact that you recognized Wreck It Ralph as the Donkey Kong-esque character and Fix It Felix as the Mario counterpart. (Yes I know that technically Mario was called “Jumpman” in the original Donkey Kong game) Gaming references aside, the movie also delivered a greater message about never judging a book by its cover. Sure Ralph was the bad guy in his video game, but that didn’t mean that he was in fact a bad guy. He was misunderstood and labeled in a way that after a while would cause anyone to go TURBO if you ask me. Personally, I rank Wreck It Ralph as one of my new favorites and (fingers crossed) hope the inevitable sequel will lead to a trilogy that’s every bit as strong as the Toy Story series.

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