Assault On Wall Street…Might Be My First Uwe Boll Movie!

In My Humble Opinion: Assault on Wall Street might be my first Uwe Boll movie ever.  I’ve never sat through one of his movies and know he’s widely considered the Ed Wood of the 21st century.  Ed Wood – Considered the worst director in film history.  Anyway, I am a fan of Dominic Purcell…at least I was back when he was on Prison Break so I might give this movie a watch.  Originally titled Bailout: The Age of Greed; Assault on Wall Street  follows a man whose life is ruined at the hands of the financial meltdown in the country (at least they made him relatable) and decides to pull a Michael Douglas Falling Down on Wall Street.  I’m skeptical given Uwe’s track record, not to mention the fact that Edward Furlong is listed as a co-star.  You can say that my expectations are low, which from what I’ve heard about Uwe Boll movies, is exactly where they should be.


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