Are You Still Following The Following?


In My Humble Opinion:  The Following really picked up the pace once the show’s plot moved away from the farm-house.  I had kind of lost interest in the show, but thankfully my wife made me watch another episode.  I’m glad she did because my interest has been rejuvenated.   Hopefully you can relate to what I mean about the whole farm-house plotline and how the show seemed to stall for a little while?  Luckily the writers upped the ante and had Joe escape from prison which put into motion a list of other sub-plots that made the show worth following again…pun intended.  The season finale was bitter-sweet since my excitement and interest in the show had finally been reinvigorated.  On that note, you wanna talk about one of the best cliff hangers in television season finales?  SPOILER:  Personally, I don’t think Joe Carrol is dead do you?  Surely there was some sort of trap door or something in the boathouse he was able to use for his escape?  Killing off Joe Carrol would pretty much end the series right?  I mean Joe Carrol is the Hannibal Lecter to Ryan Hardy’s Clarice Starling.  Hopefully we don’t have to wait too long and Fox will decide to bring the show back sooner rather than later so we can find out if Joe lived or not.  Personally I can’t wait to see whether Kevin Bacon and Natalie Zea’s characters live or die as a result of their stabbings as well.  I also want to see how the writers eventually reveal that Joey is actually Ryan’s son and not Joe’s (This is just one of my predictions for the show)  Whenever it comes back, I can confidently say that I will be tuning in. Yes, I will continue to follow The Following.

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