Oz The Great And Powerful: Finally, Previews That Surprised Me


In My Humble Opinion: The previews for Oz The Great and Powerful are the first ones in quite some time that didn’t give too much away before I watched the move itself.  Yeah I watched the movie with my family last night, and it was alright, but I’m not here to write a review for this one.  I want to actually applaud the editors and whoever oversaw the piecing together of the trailers/previews for the movie.  Hopefully I’m not the only one, but going by the previews alone I wasn’t sure how the whole good witch/bad witch storyline was going to play out.  The previews really left the witch played by Mila Kunis ambiguous and I for one was surprised how that storyline turned out in the actual movie.  SPOILER ALERT.  I kept thinking that the witch played by Rachel Weisz was going to eventually transform into the green, wart faced witch we’ve all come to love; so imagine my shock to fight out that it’s actually Mina Kunis’ witch that ends up undergoing that transformation (poor thing too, she started out as nothing more than a girl in love).  That coupled with the first half of the movie referring to Michelle Williams’ witch as “the wicked witch” was a pleasant surprise as well (she’s actually Glinda the good witch, that I did figure out from previews).  It was just nice seeing the whole good witch/bad witch aspect turned on its head.  Anyway, it didn’t take too long to catch on, but like I said, it was refreshing to know that the previews didn’t give too much away so the audience would be surprised when they actually sat down to watch the movie.  Oh and if there’s anyone out there that knows the names of the witches and the whole storyline and is like, “Sean, you should have known from the get go Mila Kunis would end up being the green witch,” excuse me…I’m not THAT into the world of OZ okay. 🙂

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