It’s Important To Unplug Once In A While


In My Humble Opinion:  As dependent as we’ve become on computers, smart phones, televisions, gaming systems, etc.  It’s important to unplug yourself every now and then and get away from it all.  I recently spent a week up in Maine, and while I did use my iPhone a few times to get directions and send some messages to my wife, I spent the entire week without electronic entertainment…and it was great.  No television, no internet, no XBOX; nothing except the outdoors and good company.  Okay, yes I forgot we had a camera on hand a few times to get pictures but still, you get the point.  With a constant barrage of pop culture being thrown at us every day and that constant struggle to answer everything in your inbox at work, it was nice to set all that aside, relax, and just enjoy living.  I don’t mean to get all Christopher McCandless, but getting away from it all really reminded me that a lot of the things we feel we need we can really do without and be just fine.  I for one am looking forward to getting back up there as soon as possible and plan on making it a point to unplug more often.

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