Count Chocula Should Be More Than Seasonal Treat!

1980s Count Chocula Pouring Milk

In My Humble Opinion:  Count Chocula cereal should be available year round, and not just during the Halloween season!  To only have Count Chocula available during Halloween is a crime against humanity.  Okay, Okay, it’s not that serious, but still, it’s a crappy business model that needs to be abandoned.  And yes, I’ll even say that the other flavors in the monster cereal line should be available year round as well.  Though I still believe Chocula to be the best, I’m sure there are those that are just as passionate about; Boo Berry, Franken Berry, Fruit Brute, or Yummy Mummy.  So, join me!  Share this, like this, hash tag this, tweet this, whatever the hell we do in social media nowadays.  Together we will get the powers that be at General Mills to hear us and give in to our demands…ha ha ha ha. (In my best Count Chocula laugh)



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