Tallahassee Vs. Daryl Dixon…Who Is Your Pick?

In My Humble Opinion:  This is a tough one!  Who’s the better zombie killer?

Tallahassee-zombieland-20358689-1280-1024 daryl_dixon

4 Comments on “Tallahassee Vs. Daryl Dixon…Who Is Your Pick?”

  1. pitchscript says:

    Tallahassee! Woody Harrelson spends a lot of time in oxygen bars so has the better stamina!

  2. Daryl & Tallahassee – Daryl has more emotional baggage & unresolved anger. Tallahassee is like a redneck Zen master who lives in the moment, his Holy Grail = Twinkies !

  3. Reblogged this on thepageofdaniel and commented:
    I like both of these guys, Daryl the dirty redneck with a heart of gold & Tallahassee, who’s like a redneck Zen / Taoist master mixed with Don Quixote. Tallahassee is a being who seemingly lives in the moment & who is on a quest for Twinkies amidst carnage. Will blog more, friends, so stay tuned.

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