Blockbuster Bites The Dust


In My Humble Opinion:  It’s with a heavy heart that I report all Blockbuster stores will be closed by the end of the year (yes there were some still open).  This will include any and all kiosk’s that offered DVD rentals as well.  Blockbuster had once been a shining light when it came to my movie viewing.  I remember going in and grabbing a few DVD’s for the three-day weekend or a day I was off work while my wife still had to work.  I was there to experience the changes the store went through; offering 2 day rentals, reducing late charges, and yes the kiosk experience.

Guess this is just a sign of the times and the video streaming world we live in where movies are available in a number of other ways.  One of the most popular of which is Red Box (though I find peculiar that every Red Box I come across is actually blue) which offers DVD’s in a way the Blockbuster kiosk’s once did.  Of course this one alternative cannot be given sole credit when it comes to Blockbuster’s demise.  Others like; Netflix, Cinemanow, Vudu, On Demand, Hulu, and probably a whole gaggle of others I’m not yet familiar with are to blame as well.  As easy as a lot of these alternatives are, I will miss going into the store and scrambling to find what new releases had come out and browsing the older titles to see if one warranted a repeat viewing.

I guess this was inevitable though.  I can still trace my movie viewing experience back to the local Movie Time when I was renting VHS movies and paying 50 cent rewind charges.  Eventually these smaller movie rental locations were put out of business by the large Blockbuster chain.  Now Blockbuster is experiencing the same fate it bestowed on those smaller, more intimate stores.  My fear is that the next casualty in this changing world will be movie theatres.

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