Phil Robertson Suspended From Reality Show: Not Very Happy Happy Happy


In My Humble Opinion:  Phil Robertson being suspended from his show Duck Dynasty on A&E is an unwarranted punishment illustrating censorship at its worst.  Phil was recently interviewed by GQ magazine (still trying to figure that one out honestly) and during the interview he made derogatory remarks about homosexuality and made it very clear that he does not support it at all.  Can we all please remember that Phil Robertson is a REALITY show personality and will, heaven forbid, offer up his opinion on certain topics from time to time?

Let me be clear!  Do I agree with his views on homosexuality or support his comments?  Not at all!  Especially comparing homosexuality to bestiality!  However, what I do support or believe in (though I’m quickly being proven wrong) is that we live in a society wherein people are allowed to express their views and speak freely about their beliefs without the fear of persecution.  I’d also like to point out that while I disagree with his suspension, I understand that Phil is a reality show personality and that A&E has the right to dole out whatever punishment it deems necessary.

However, in reality, there are individuals that support homosexuality and those that oppose it.  For those of us that have accepted homosexuality as a life choice, we have the right to express ourselves freely and openly about our beliefs.  Do our beliefs and views on this subject offend certain people?  I’m sure they do.  We live in a world where comments are made every day that surely offend people of a certain race, religion, gender, or sexual orientation.  The test that accompanies the right for an individual to freely express his/her opinion is the ability to respect others with opposing opinions and allow those individuals to express their opinions just as freely.

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