The Walking Dead: Alone – According to Sean


In Sean’s Humble Opinion:

The Walking Dead’s pace lately has been snail-like at best.  Extending this season to 16 episodes is probably one of the worst things the show could have done.  We’ve had far too many “walk around / sit around looking glum” episodes and not enough “defend the prison, fight for your life, run from the walkers, exciting” episodes.  I will say that the shining light was Rick hiding while intruders came into the house he was staying in, that at least sparked some excitement and suspense.  Other than that the sluggish pace can be blamed on the fact that the creators/show runners want to focus on characterization…fine with me, but surely there are ways you can do this and be more exciting than Ben Stein calling attendance, “Bueller, Bueller, Bueller…”  Here are my biggest issues with the most recent episode Alone.

  • Okay, I know I said “this episode” but I have to get this off my chest.  When you watch The Walking Dead lately, are you like me in that you think you’ve accidently turned on the Outdoor Network?  I mean I understand the survivors want stay away from populated cities where there’s lots of walkers, but seriously these characters spend more time in the woods than Jeremiah Johnson.
  • Characterization:  The opening flashback of Bob walking alone.  Okay, if it was to help us learn more about him, about the only thing I learned was that…he got used to walking alone.  Oh and he’s an alcoholic, sorta.  I mean all it really shows is him sipping on some cough medicine right?  And haven’t we already established he’s a drunk?  He openly admitted it to Daryl at the beginning part of the season.  If you want to develop characters through the flashback concept, then take a cue from Lost and show what these characters were like BEFORE all this happened.  I mean honestly, Glenn, a character that’s been with us since the beginning, all we know about him is that he used be a pizza boy?  Oh and don’t treat the past like a big mystery.  The whole, “What did Daryl do before the apocalypse” was somewhat entertaining, but why not treat the viewer to a flashback of what his life was really like.  Instead of him telling the story about him, Merle and the tweaker, show it!  Doing this will help the viewer’s connect more with the characters and be a welcomed change of pace.
  • The Fog scene – Pretty cool – But really?  4 seasons that span what…3 to 4 years and you just now came up with it?
  • Daryl and Beth coming up on a graveyard was pretty ironic I thought.  Though I was little confused when Daryl says, “We’ll just take some” then in a shot later in the episode it looks like they pretty much took everything…screw whoever lives here!
  • Maggie, Bob, and Sasha’s camp.  Seriously?  How close do you want to let Walkers get?  The trip wires with hub caps tied on were close enough a walker could pretty much reach out and grab one of them from it?  Even if you heard the hub caps clang together, you’d have about what 5 seconds at most?
  • Why is there any argument whatsoever about going to Terminus?  Sasha doesn’t wanna go because she wants to “survive” and they should stop at the first town they come to.  Hey, why not travel to a town that says…”Those who arrive, survive” seems like you’ll be accomplishing your survival goal if you head that-a-way that right?  It was a pathetic excuse to have this group break up and then have a big emotional reunion at the end.  I can still see Maggie walking up and smiling ear to ear so happy to see Bob again.  Hey, you could have solved all this by…not leaving in the first friggin place!  You can’t have a great joyous reunion with people who voluntarily left one another!
  • Our perceptions of these people are based solely on assumptions or stereotypes we subscribe to.  I keep reading about how these characters have changed so much, but what evidence do we really have to base that on?  Glenn was a pizza boy; we’re assuming he’s changed because we have assumptions of what a pizza boy’s life would be like.  Okay, yeah they’ve changed since we first met them, but the show could take this so much further.  We assume Rick is this natural leader with morals of the highest regard, but think back to when the series began and he was talking about the issues he was having with Lorrie.  Maybe he had an affair that sparked all that, maybe he was a drunk before it all happened too.   There’s just so much you could do with the flash back idea that would create a little momentum in the show and not this ho-hum, “let’s get to Terminus and have it not live up the hype that we’ve created for it whatsoever” vibe.

2 Comments on “The Walking Dead: Alone – According to Sean”

  1. No shock, Daryl was a POS before the apocalypse. Did anyone not see that? (Especially considering Merle?!?)

    Can we address the fact that a dog with one eye made enough noise on the can trap (or whatever) to make Daryl go outside and check, but 30 walkers were a surprise??

    The one almost intriguing thing in this episode for me happened at the end (because of course it did, so I will watch next week). Whoever kidnapped Beth must have lured the walkers to the house, maybe with the one eyed dog, and that’s pretty crazy. Do you think it’s the cannibals?

    • Yeah I forgot to bring that up…the Daryl/dog/walkers problem. I mean, I find it hard to believe he would drop his guard so quickly. Even knowing there’s a dog out there Daryl strikes me as the type of dude that would always be on his toes…unless there’s moonshine involved of course. It will be interesting to see who took Beth and how Daryl hooking up with this new group will play out.

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