Some Box Office Results

In My Humble Opinion:  I had a bad feeling that Johnny Depp’s luck would run out eventually.  I mean honestly, I didn’t even see the last Pirates of the Caribbean movie he did…well not yet anyway.  Looks like Disney learned the hard way that he can’t be box office gold with everything he does.  Also, does anyone remember when it was a big deal to have your movie pass $100 million at the box office?  Those times are long gone with movie budgets now exceeding $200 million on a regular basis.  Inflated budgets don’t translate into higher box office receipts.  Here’s some box office standings as of July 15:

*Opened this past weekend

Despicable Me 2:  Domestic: $229 million, Worldwide: $472 million, Production Budget: $76 million (finally a lower budget for a big film.  This one will definitely spawn at least another sequel or six…as long as the studio is making money)

*Grown Ups 2: Domestic: $42 million, Worldwide: $44 million, Production Budget: $80 million (higher weekend gross than first film which went on to make 271 million.  Looks like Sander has done it again)

*Pacific Rim:  Domestic: $38 million, Worldwide: $91 million, Product Budget: $190 million (hopefully a strong foreign market and word of mouth helps this one along)

The Heat:  Domestic: $112 million, Worldwide: $15 million, Production Budget: $43 million (The Heat still packing a punch and is another hit for stars Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy)

The Lone Ranger: Domestic: $71 million, Worldwide: $119 million, Production Budget: $215 million (What the hell has happened to movie budgets?  The first Pirates movie had a budget of $140 million, which ain’t exactly small but still…I just don’t get it)

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Monsters University Beats World War Z At Box Office

1016610_671856396164554_2086225013_n   VS.    world-war-z-poster

In My Humble Opinion:  Zombies can be pretty scary, but apparently Monsters still reign supreme.  Monsters University, the long-awaited follow-up to Pixar’s Monster’s Inc. opened the same weekend as the highly anticipated Brad Pitt feature World War Z.  I thought Monsters University would do well, but had no idea it would out scare and out gross World War Z for the top spot this past weekend.  Honorable Mention:  Man of Steel viewership  dropped about 60% but still managed to have a pretty impressive weekend as well.


Domestic Weekend Grosses:

Monsters University = $82 Million

World War Z = $66 Million (still very impressive)

Man of Steel = $41.2 Million (has already grossed $398 million worldwide)

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