Talking Breaking Bad and Dexter

Star Wars Episode 7: Breaking Bad

In My Humble Opinion:¬† I’m not completely sold on the new direction J.J. Abrams is taking the franchise ūüôā


The Mid-Season Finale, To Be Continued, And Irregular Programming Apocalypse

In My Humble Opinion: One of¬†my biggest pet peeves in today’s television world is the “Mid-Season Finale.”¬† It seems to be a trend that more and more networks are embracing and incorporating into their respective television¬†line-ups.¬† Not only does the implementation of this absurd and often frustrating marketing ploy (cause let’s be honest, that’s all it really¬†is) piss me off, but the term itself¬†bothers me as well.¬† I mean really look at the term…Mid-Season Finale….how can you have a finale of something you’re in the middle of?¬† You can’t, it makes no sense, just go with Mid-Season Hiatus or be completely honest networks and call it, Mid-Season We Have You By The Balls And You Will Wait On Us To Air More Shows.¬† Okay, that might be a little long, but surely an acronym can be made up.¬†¬†I mean I remember watching Breaking Bad¬†back in August and¬†before the¬†Mid-Season Finale came on there was an announcement, “Be sure to catch the last episode of 2012.”¬† Really!!!!¬† It’s friggin¬†August man, a¬†network that valued its viewers would have just either shortened the season or gotten off its ass, filmed the entire season and aired it all¬†at once….so what if it overlaps with The Walking Dead?¬† Something else that bothers me, not nearly as much as the Mid-Season Finale, but still¬†gets under my skin is when a series ends a season with a To¬†Be Continued episode.¬† Season finale’s have¬†notoriously ended with cliff-hangers, and that’s understandable cause¬†you want viewers to return the following season to find out what happened, but adding to that and making the¬†episode To Be Continued is just bad form.¬† Networks want us to wait however many months till next season¬†to find out¬†how this particular episode should end?¬† It’s hard enough waiting till the following week with a To Be Continued episode dammit!¬† This brings me to my last point, and I have to call out USA because it seems to be the most guilty of networks¬† when it comes to¬†what I¬†call “Irregular Programming.”¬† I don’t necessarily have TV schedules memorized, but I can generally remember when a new season of a show is coming back on, except when it keeps changing.¬† I swear, Psych on USA is probably the worst offender.¬† The show will air for¬†a few months, go off the air for a few, come back for a few, disappear for a year,¬†come back for two weeks, be gone for a month, then come back for its Mid-Season Finale.¬†¬†The¬†reason I put Irregular Programming last is because I¬†guess I shouldn’t complain too much about it¬†since I watch the majority of my shows via On Demand¬†anyway.¬† However, it’s just another example of how networks feel they can hold power of their viewers and do with them what they like, and of course, given how reliant we are on television nowadays we have¬†no choice¬†but to submit……


Actress Katie Findlay (known for playing Rosie Larson in AMC’s The Killing) to star in Walking Dead Season 3… Zombie

In my humble opinion:¬† This would be an awesome (granted unlikely) tie in between the two shows.¬† Let me be clear though, this is just from my own mind, I haven’t read anywhere or heard anything about this actually happening, but how cool would it be if Rosie popped up as one of the undead?¬† I really do think the people at AMC incorporate little nods or subtle references to other shows on their network.¬† Case in point:¬† I was watching Breaking Bad Season 4 the other day (awesome show), trying to get ready for the upcoming season.¬† There is a scene where Walter is being ordered by his wife Skyler to return the car Walter had just bought for his son to the dealership.¬† The car is a brand new, red Dodge Challenger and Skyler insists that when Walter returns the car he asks for the manager Glenn.¬† ‚ÄúGlenn?‚ÄĚ Walter asks‚Ķthen pauses.¬† This was obviously a nod to the character Glenn from the Walking Dead and the car he fell in love with in season 1 (you remember Glenn speeding out of the city in his new red Challenger right?)¬† Anyway, whether Rosie Larson’s Zombie shows up on The Walking Dead or Don Draper finds a time portal and agrees to head up the marketing campaign for Walter White’s new miracle drug, AMC’s shows are worth a look.