The Killing….Dead in the Water









In my humble opinion:  AMC may have made a mistake by cancelling The Killing.  I understand that the fans were upset with how Season 1 ended and the ratings suffered in Season 2, but doesn’t that in itself show how passionate people were about the show; that they would react so emotionally about it.  I’ll admit, I thought the second Season was a little slow, but there were still some solid moments, not to mention performances, e.g. Joel Kinnaman as Stephen Holder.  Hopefully, from what I’ve read the show will find a home on another network, I mean it happened with Southland and Medium?  Another thing, if AMC is going strictly by the numbers, then how did Hell on Wheels get renewed?  I mean Hell on Wheels premiered with 4.36 million in viewers, falling to 2.84 million by the first Season’s end.  The Killing started Season 2 with 1.80 million in viewers, dropped as low as 1.31 million, but then climbed back up to an average of 1.64 million for the last two episodes.  In all fairness I have not seen an episode of Hell on Wheels.  Hopefully Joel Kinnaman will make good on his word about just filming another Season of The Killing on his own if a third Season didn’t get picked up.  Hey Joel, need a writer, I’m available????