Gerard Butler To Star In Point Break Remake.


In My Humble Opinion: It’s not tragic to die doing what you love, but it is tragic that Hollywood seems so fresh out of ideas that it has to yet again recycle a movie that has already been made.  Not sure if you’ve heard yet but the word around the campfire is Point Break will receive its very own Hollywood remake and Gerard Butler will be surfing in to take over the role of bank robbing / Zen surfer dude Bodhi, a role previously filled by Patrick Swayze.  If you check out IMDB, the remake is confirmed and slated for a 2015 release.  As is my typical practice, let me be completely up front; I have nothing against Gerard Butler or the original Point Break itself.

As far as Gerard Butler goes, I think he’s a pretty decent actor that can certainly portray the ultimate bad ass when it comes to action films (300 anybody?  Oh and he was brutal in Olympus Has Fallen).  In fact, when the rumor was circulating that he could be stepping in to take over as Snake Plissken in a planned Escape From New York remake, I found myself cautiously optimistic (the cautious part was more because of the remake itself not the casting).  Low and behold this was not meant to be and rumors continue to circulate on who will eventually fill the role once filled by Kurt Russell (personally, Josh Holloway seems like a no-brainer).

As far as Point Break goes, let’s be honest; the original 1991 film directed by Kathryn Bigelow isn’t exactly Oscar material but still a pretty entertaining movie nonetheless.  Patrick Swayze embraced the role he was given and received acclaim for his portrayal of Bodhi.  And let’s be honest, any movie in which you can have Keanu Reeves pretending to be a dim-witted surfer dude is obviously playing to the actor’s strengths.   That being said, how many more remakes is Hollywood going to subject us to?  I think that’s probably my biggest apprehension when it comes to the remake genre itself.  There’s been so many remakes that don’t hold a candle to the original (there is the occasional success) it’s almost insulting that Hollywood keeps churning them out.  I’ve always said that you don’t have to literally remake the movie; just take the plot and change the environment and abracadabra you’ve got yourself a new movie.  I mean after all, didn’t Hollywood “remake” this once already but instead of using surfboards it used cars and called it Fast and the Furious?

The Crow…Please Just Leave It Alone


In My Humble Opinion:  The original Crow with Brandon Lee is a great movie that needs to be left alone.  I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not the most reliable person when it comes to taking a stance against remakes though.  I think I allow my love of the original movie to cloud my judgment when it comes to it being remade.  When I hear a movie is being remade, if I liked the original, generally my initial reaction is one of excitement.  When I heard Total Recall was being redone I was giddy.  When I heard Red Dawn was being updated I was excited.  Of course, we all know how those movies turned out right?  I honestly haven’t even watched these two remakes yet because the nostalgia and excitement I once had has dissipated.  Don’t get me wrong, sometimes the remakes can be okay.  The Karate Kid was a movie I loved as a kid and the remake with Jaden Smith and Jackie Chan is a decent movie that I can sit down with my son and enjoy (though I still think they should have just called it The Kung Fu Kid and had it be a stand alone movie) The Evil Dead is another one that seems to have worked out well and has gotten good reviews…so you can see why I’m always back and forth when it comes to remakes right?

That being said, leave The Crow alone.  The original 1994 version is a great movie that has stood the test of time.  I can still watch the movie today and be impressed with it.  Unfortunately, Hollywood wants to remake it…or reboot the franchise.  That’s kind of funny, “reboot the franchise” considering all the sequels were garbage.  Rumors are that Tom Hiddleston (Loki from Thor and The Avengers) has been tapped to play the lead role.  I will admit, Tom Hiddleston would probably do a great job and seems like a good fit (No Sean…hold your ground, it doesn’t need to be remade)  I’ve also heard that Alexander Skarsgard (True Blood) is in talks of filling the shoes once filled by Brandon Lee.  Whether Hollywood moves forward or not, only time will tell.  Personally, I’d like to see the idea of the remake abandoned.  If for no other reason than to allow the legacy of Brandon Lee to remain.  It almost seems disrespectful to remake the movie that the young, up and coming actor tragically died on while filming.

An Evil Dead Remake…Really? Have We Run Out Of Ideas?

evil_dead_1_poster_02  Has Turned Into This… evil_dead_poster

In My Humble Opinion: Why the hell does Hollywood feel the need to remake such a cult classic like Evil Dead?  I know the remake was announced long ago and I was hesitant to comment on it because I haven’t see the original.  That’s right I will be up and front and say I have not seen the original Evil Dead 1 or 2…yet; I have seen Army of Darkness though and also know what a dedicated following all three films in the franchise have gained.  The films launched the careers of Bruce Campbell and Sam Raimi and have gone on to have one of the biggest cult followings in film history…isn’t that enough?  I don’t know if Hollywood saw the moderate success of The Cabin In The Woods and decided, well why don’t we just remake one that we know already has a strong fan base.  Hopefully I’m not of the mark with this one and if there are any fans out there that really like the original trilogy, please let me know if you are excited about the remake being done or are as appalled as I am that Hollywood can’t come up with any fresh ideas.  Hell, when they remade The Karate Kid (yeah it did well, and it wasn’t that bad of a movie) but why call it The Karate Kid?  It didn’t follow any of the plot points from the original movie except for the “bullying” aspect, and on top of that, Jayden Smith didn’t learn Karate, he learned Kung-Fu.  Why not just call it the Kung-Fu Kid and make it its own stand alone film?  Anyway, I’m surprised that Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell even signed on as producers for the remake.  Then again I’m sure it will be a nice pay-day for them so you can’t blame them but so much.  Oh well, maybe I will just make it a point when the re-make comes out to have a special screening of the original film somewhere, maybe even a double feature of Evil Dead 1 & 2.

Robocop Remake

In my humble opinion: I’m hoping that whoever is handling the remake will find some way to have Joel Kinnaman’s face be more evident than Peter Weller’s was in the original, but going by the footage I’ve seen (see below) it doesn’t look like it will turn out that way.  I say I want to see Joel Kinnaman’s face, not because I’m into men…no no no, but because I think Joel Kinnaman is a great actor and would hate to see his career stifled in any way because he was stuck behind a metal mask the entire movie.  I was kind of hoping that the studio would go with a Terminator-esque motif, where Robocop was human looking but actually a robot on the inside….that way he could interact with civilians easier, wouldn’t scare the shit out of kids, etc.   But that’s just my opinion.

Robocop Remake


The original Legend was far from Legendary, but the cult film deserves a remake!

In my humble opinion:  Ridley Scott seems to be on a nostalgia kick as of late; the Alien prequel Prometheus and the rumors that he is planning either a prequel or sequel to Blade Runner.  I would like to request that Mr. Scott also take a look at another one of his films (one of my favorite…but more on that in a minute).  The movie Legend was not one of his more successful films by any means, but over the years has developed a cult following and warrants some updating.

If you haven’t seen it, the plot follows a young forest dweller named Jack (played by a Peter Pan dressed Tom Cruise) who is madly in love with a beautiful girl named Lilly (played by Mia Sara).  One day, in order to impress Lilly, Jack takes her to see the majestic Unicorns (which are the guardians of light).  Unfortunately, Lilly can’t help but approach and touch one of the Unicorns…a big no no.  This is all happening while the Lord of Darkness (masterfully played by Tim Curry) is plotting to kill the unicorns which would result in the land being cast into eternal darkness….adventure ensues.

I won’t give away the ending to those that haven’t seen it…The movie itself was, I will admit, a little corny (I still don’t understand the random bubbles in the forest) but still had entertainment value.  As I said earlier it’s one of my favorite movies for reasons I can’t really explain (believe me I get shit all the time for it too)  Ridley Scott relied more on make-up and actual set design than special effects in order to move the story forward which is something that’s rarely seen nowadays.  The plot was simple yet compelling; good vs. evil, light vs. dark, love vs. hate.  Personally, if Ridley Scott is re-visiting his old stomping ground…he needs to mosey on over and remake Legend.  Casting should be as follows:

Josh Hutcherson  = Jack

Sarah Hyland (Modern Family)  = Lilly

Michael Sheen = Lord of Darkness