Thank You House Of Cards And Netflix


In My Humble Opinion:  The Netflix show House Of Cards finally recognized what Americans want when it comes to televised entertainment, instant gratification.  I remember when I first got into some other shows like; Sons of Anarchy, Lost, Dexter, The Shield, and 24.  I didn’t start watching those particular shows until the first few seasons had aired; hell I don’t think I watched 24 and Lost until they had gone completely off the air.  Why did I wait you might ask?  I’m not sure to be honest with you.  I will say this though; I know I enjoyed them more via Netflix and On Demand than I would have on regular television.  To illustrate that fact; I’ve caught up on Dexter and now tuning in each week isn’t as exciting as it was when the next episode was at my fingertips.  I enjoyed the shows more because I didn’t have to wait a whole week to find out what was going to happen.  What’s Jax going to do about Clay, how’s Vic Mackey going to get out this, or how many more times will Jack Bauer yell, “Damnit Chloe we don’t have time!”  Watching the shows after a full season or multiple seasons have already aired, I don’t have to wait for those questions to be answered.  Don’t get me wrong, this can be a bad thing too. I’ve sat down and blown through about 3 or 4 episodes of a show in one sitting (of all the other productive things I could have done?).  Another drawback is that the “shocker” moments lose some of their luster because I’ve already heard about the majority of them.  For example, I just caught up on the first two seasons of Game of Thrones, another awesome show by the way.  Unfortunately, when Sean Bean’s character loses his head in Season 1, it didn’t come as that big of a surprise because I had already heard about it happening back when the episode originally aired.  All this being said; House of Cards, a show on Netflix starring Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright has finally taken advantage of our need to instantly know how the next episode, or two episodes, or whole season is going to pan out.  Netflix released all 13 episodes of the show at once and I for one couldn’t be happier.  Once an episode finishes, it’s almost become a reflex to point my remote and order the next one to see what happens.  How Netflix translates this new airing method into revenue (the show doesn’t have commercials) I don’t know really know.  Frankly…I don’t really care; I just hope that other shows follow suit and adopt this very same method in the future. 

Walton Goggins…So Under Appreciated


In My Humble Opinion: Walton Goggins is one of the best actors on television right now.  We can beckon back to when he played Shayne Vendrell on the The Shield, a role that should have won him an Emmy or Golden Globe; or we can look at his solid performance as Boyd Crowder on FX’s Justified, which at least earned him an Emmy nod in 2011.  Either way, he’s obviously a performer that has incalculable range when it comes to his acting prowess.  If the two performances previously mentioned don’t make a solid case for him (which you would be crazy to argue about) check out his cameo on Sons of Anarchy where he plays a cross dressing hooker named Venus Van Damme.  Okay, the role wasn’t exactly award material, but it was probably the funniest and one of the most memorable things I have ever seen on Sons of Anarchy.  His most recent character Boyd Crowder is technically an antagonist to Timothy Olyphant’s Raylan Givens (who also puts in an incredibly solid performance) but it’s hard not to root for Goggins’ character.  Goggins portrays Boyd with this dim-witted intelligence that throws the viewer for a loop at first.  You’re not sure if he’s this backcountry redneck that is just doing what he can to survive; or a well-read, intelligent, man with a plan that can sweet talk and manipulate people into getting what he wants.  All I can say is that I’m only one episode in to the new season of Justified (damn you On Demand for being so far behind) and can already tell that Boyd Crowder will remain as one of the reasons I continue to watch the show.