Oblivion Plot Summary Revealed….(Caution: Spoilers Below)


In My Humble Opinion:  When I first saw previews for Tom Cruise’s new movie Oblivion I thought it looked like WALL-E the live action version.  That being said, I’ll still probably check it out…eventually.

2077: Following an invasion by alien Scavengers (Scavs) sixty years earlier which destroyed the Moon and nearly destroyed the Earth, Jack Harper (Tom Cruise) is Tech 49, one of the last few humans stationed on earth. He lives thousands of feet above the Earth where he and his communications officer and lover Victoria (Andrea Riseborough) are part of an operation to extract planet’s remaining resources, especially water. Jack and Victoria maintain contact with civilization via a video link with their commander, Sally (Melissa Leo), and are due to join the rest of humanity on Titan in two weeks. Jack suffers from recurring dreams and flashbacks of New York before the invasion and an unknown woman. Assisting Jack in his work are weaponized ‘drones’, airborne machines that scour the landscape to destroy the remaining alien resistance.

As Jack nears the end of his mission, a spaceship crashes on the surface, brought down by a Scav homing beacon mounted on the top of the Empire State Building. The ship is carrying a number of sleeping capsules containing human beings in hibernation. Jack rescues a woman, Julia (Olga Kurylenko), from the wreckage, but is unable to save the other passengers. He immediately recognizes Julia as the woman in his flashbacks. Shortly afterwards, Jack and Julia are captured by Scavs, who are revealed to be humans living in an underground stronghold. Their leader, Malcolm Beech (Morgan Freeman), who was a young soldier when the invasion occurred, claims there are no aliens on the planet and demands that Jack reprogram a captured drone to destroy ‘the Tet’, the space station where Sally is based. Jack refuses, and Beech allows Jack and Julia to leave, advising Jack that he will find answers to his questions in the supposedly dangerous ‘high-radiation zones’.

Jack and Julia climb the ruins of the Empire State Building, where Julia reveals herself to be Jack’s wife. Despite his initial shock at this revelation, it allows Jack to reconcile his flashbacks, knowing it to be the truth. She tells him that the ship in which she crash-landed was a NASA shuttle. Returning to the tower, Victoria refuses to let Jack enter and informs Sally that due to Julia they are no longer an effective team. Sally remotely activates a drone, which kills Victoria, and orders Jack to bring Julia to the Tet, but they flee.

Pursued by drones, Jack and Julia travel into the radiation zone, where they crash and Jack is stunned to come face to face with Tech 52, a clone of himself. Jack and the clone engage in combat that ends with Jack choking the clone unconscious, as well as injuring Julia. Jack uses the clone’s ship to discover a replica of his work tower with a clone of Victoria. Jack returns to Beech, who reveals that Jack is only one of thousands of clones of the original Commander Jack Harper, who was a top astronaut in 2017. These clones were used by the Tet to conquer Earth. The resistance is the planet’s last remaining human outpost and Jack and Victoria’s superiors are the real aliens, draining the Earth of its vital resources. The drones are programmed to attack humans, not aliens.

Jack helps to reprogram the stolen drone. Three drones pick up Jack’s DNA trail and attack the Scav base. The resistance suffers many casualties, including Beech who is mortally wounded. The captured drone is destroyed, however its nuclear fuel cell remains intact. With no other choice, Jack volunteers to fly the nuclear device to the station himself, delivering the ‘hibernating’ Julia as an explanation for his presence.

Jack places her back into her sleeping capsule and sets off to the space station, telling Sally that he is bringing the survivor. During the flight Jack listens to the flight recorder recovered from Julia’s crashed shuttle and, in a series of flashbacks, it is revealed what happened. Back in 2017, with Victoria as his co-pilot and his wife on board in hibernation, his original self navigated his NASA ship to investigate the Tet. While realizing the alien ship tried capturing them and unable to flee, fearing the worst, Jack released the shuttle containing the sleeping capsules before his spacecraft was captured. The shuttle remained in orbit around the Earth for 60 years until drawn in by the homing beacon.

Jack enters and confronts ‘Sally’, who is revealed to be a monolithic, amorphous and self-created being. Sally is disappointed when Jack opens the sleeping capsule, revealing Beech instead of Julia. Julia, unbeknownst to her, was delivered to Jack’s forest retreat on Earth, where he kept mementos such as books and vinyl records. With Sally growing hostile, Jack recites stanza XXVII of “Horatius”, and proceeds to trigger the nuclear device, destroying the Tet (along with himself and Beech). By doing so, the remaining drones on Earth are destroyed.

Three years later, Julia is living a peaceful life on a recovering Earth, and has given birth to a daughter. From the surrounding forest, members of the former resistance appear. As Julia recognized them, ‘Jack’, Tech 52, is revealed to be with them and the couple gaze at each other.

Katie Holmes left Tom Cruise…Because of Aaron Eckhart and Batman.











In my humble opinion: Katie Holmes left Tom Cruise, not because of scientology, but because Tom Cruise is an egotistical, controlling maniac and Katie had to get the hell out.  Wanna hear why I think this…follow me on this ride if you will please.  Katie Holmes starred in the original Batman Begins as Rachael Dawes.  After appearing in that film she went on to star alongside Aaron Eckhart in Thank You For Smoking.  Think back and you might remember that there was this big to do about her having a sex scene with Aaron Eckhart.  Tom Cruise apparently even showed up to on set the day the scene was filmed to “monitor” the situation…I also heard that he had so many issues with the scene that it was scaled back before the movie was released.  Katie Holmes would later go on to say that she couldn’t do the sequel for Batman, The Dark Knight and opted instead to star in Mad Money.  Now I ask you, once Tom Cruise found out that Aaron Eckhart had been cast as Harvey Dent in The Dark Knight do you think there was any pressure put on Katie by her controlling husband to drop out of the franchise?  The answer: Of course there was.  Tom Cruise couldn’t handle seeing his wife being intimate (even if it was just acting) with another man…Tom’s ego was writing checks his body couldn’t cash when he married Katie Holmes.  Whether there is evidence to back this theory up is another story because like I said, this is just my humble opinion.

The original Legend was far from Legendary, but the cult film deserves a remake!

In my humble opinion:  Ridley Scott seems to be on a nostalgia kick as of late; the Alien prequel Prometheus and the rumors that he is planning either a prequel or sequel to Blade Runner.  I would like to request that Mr. Scott also take a look at another one of his films (one of my favorite…but more on that in a minute).  The movie Legend was not one of his more successful films by any means, but over the years has developed a cult following and warrants some updating.

If you haven’t seen it, the plot follows a young forest dweller named Jack (played by a Peter Pan dressed Tom Cruise) who is madly in love with a beautiful girl named Lilly (played by Mia Sara).  One day, in order to impress Lilly, Jack takes her to see the majestic Unicorns (which are the guardians of light).  Unfortunately, Lilly can’t help but approach and touch one of the Unicorns…a big no no.  This is all happening while the Lord of Darkness (masterfully played by Tim Curry) is plotting to kill the unicorns which would result in the land being cast into eternal darkness….adventure ensues.

I won’t give away the ending to those that haven’t seen it…The movie itself was, I will admit, a little corny (I still don’t understand the random bubbles in the forest) but still had entertainment value.  As I said earlier it’s one of my favorite movies for reasons I can’t really explain (believe me I get shit all the time for it too)  Ridley Scott relied more on make-up and actual set design than special effects in order to move the story forward which is something that’s rarely seen nowadays.  The plot was simple yet compelling; good vs. evil, light vs. dark, love vs. hate.  Personally, if Ridley Scott is re-visiting his old stomping ground…he needs to mosey on over and remake Legend.  Casting should be as follows:

Josh Hutcherson  = Jack

Sarah Hyland (Modern Family)  = Lilly

Michael Sheen = Lord of Darkness