The Bourne Legacy Plot Revealed (Beware….Spoilers)








In my humble opinion: Critics and/or reviews aside…I still want to see the movie.  Below you will find the plot synopsis…read at your own risk.

Aaron Cross (Jeremy Renner) is an Outcome agent on a training assignment in the Alaskan wilderness. Several days into his assignment, he finds he is starting to run out of the Outcome-issued blue and green pills which enhance his mental and physical abilities. Aaron meets with another Outcome agent (Oscar Isaac), with whom he lodges in a cabin. Aaron’s plan to leave the next day is halted by a devastating blizzard. While Aaron is surveying the weather he hears a faint sound, followed by a guided missile fired from a UAV destroying the cabin and killing the other Outcome agent. Aaron destroys the UAV with a sniper rifle then cuts out the tracking device implanted in his abdomen. After being attacked by a wolf, Aaron manages to overpower it and force it to swallow the tracking device, causing a second UAV to target the wolf instead and leading the CIA to presume Aaron terminated.

The UAV attack is revealed as merely part of an effort led by Eric Byer (Edward Norton) to terminate all remaining Outcome agents following Jason Bourne’s actions and their impact on the Blackbriar Program. The other agents are killed when their blue and green pills are swapped out with a triangular yellow pill which kills all of them within hours. Aaron, having lost his Program medication early in his assignment in Alaska, is spared from the massacre.

Marta Shearing (Rachel Weisz), an outcome scientist, works in a laboratory with Dr. Donald Foite (Zeljko Ivanek). Seemingly overnight, Foite goes insane and comes into the lab with a gun, killing everyone in the maximum security testing room. Shearing manages to evade Foite until security guards break into the room, prompting Foite to shoot himself in the head. Traumatized by the incident, Shearing is visited by the CIA. Initially appearing to console Shearing, the agents then seize her and attempt to feign her suicide by shooting her in the head with her own gun. At the last second, Aaron enters and subdues both agents. Aaron is able to kill all of the CIA team with relative ease and convinces the still-shaken Marta that he is on her side. The two burn the house down before departing in Aaron’s car.

In the car, Aaron discovers that he was the fifth of nine Outcome operatives, and asks Shearing where he can get more blue and green pills. After discovering that he was able to taper off of the green pills without any side-effects, Aaron learns from Shearing that the Outcome scientists were able to “viral” him off the green pills, making its strength-enhancing effects permanent. Deciding to, with the aid of Shearing, viral off the blue pills, Aaron decides to set off to Manila, where the drugs are made. Before flying out, Aaron reveals in the hotel room that his former identity was that of Kenneth James Keitsom, a private first class “killed” in the Iraq War by a roadside bomb.

Deducing from satellite and surveillance camera footage from the airport, the CIA tracks the two to the Philippines. Sending in an Outcome agent who lacks the empathetic responses Cross is still capable of, the CIA plans on killing Cross while he is still vulnerable following being viraled off the blue pills. Meanwhile, Aaron and Marta successfully infiltrate the factory where the drugs are made and Aaron is viraled off the blue pills. While the two are still in the basement, Byer calls the head of the factory and orders him to lock down the facility. Aaron and Marta escape in the ensuing panic.

Aaron, sick from being viraled off the medication, begins to have flashbacks to his initiation into the Outcome program. After making it back to the hotel room, Aaron rests while recovering from the sickness while Marta takes care of him. In the morning, Aaron discovers that Marta has gone to buy medicine. Marta notices the local police and S.W.A.T. teams closing in on Aaron’s location, and promptly alerts him. Aaron is able to escape via the rooftops and subdues two officers who are about to arrest Marta. Still pursued by the Outcome agent, Aaron steals a motorbike with Marta in tow. After a chase through the streets and markets of Manila, the Outcome agent is ultimately killed when Marta kicks him off his motorcycle into a pillar. Aaron and Marta crash, but are rescued by a Filipino boatman and his son. The film ends with the two aboard the boat, Aaron having paid the boatman with a gold watch he stole earlier.

The Bourne Legacy Plot Details….Revealed

In my humble opinion:  I have figured out the tie in (small one) that The Bourne Legacy will have to the Bourne franchise.  If you watch or can actually remember the beginning of The Bourne Ultimatum, Jason Bourne (Matt Damon) is trying to make contact with a reporter that is slowly uncovering the conspiracy behind Treadstone and what was unknown in the first two films…Blackbriar.  Anyway, lots of chopped footage and fast paced filming goes by and Jason Bourne tells the reporter to go stand next to a man in a blue hooded sweatshirt at a bus stop.  Eventually the man in the blue hooded sweatshirt is grabbed and taken away by agents not to be seen again, but…in my opinion this will prove to be Jeremy Renner’s character.  It will be revealed that although it appears the man in the blue hooded sweatshirt is taken away, he later incapacitates his captors and learns some valuable information that will prove pivotal to the plot of Jeremy Renner’s movie (this of course will all play out in The Bourne Legacy)  So please, watch the opening of The Bourne Ultimatum and tell me what you think of my theory…this is David Webb…signing off.